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Unlocking Business Potential with Altigen’s Unified Communications

Unlocking Business Potential with Altigen’s Unified Communications Introduction In the dynamic landscape of modern business, effective communication is paramount to success. Unified Communications (UC) can revolutionize how organizations connect, collaborate, and thrive. This document highlights the many benefits of adopting Unified Communications with Altigen and empowering businesses to transcend traditional communication barriers. The Power of […]

Ring in the Benefits of Employee Productivity this New Year

After weeks of holiday parties and festive nights it can difficult for employees to get back into the swing of production when returning from the holiday season. Help employees become more productive this new year by updating and implementing the latest communication technology that enhances all their capabilities. Start 2018 off on the right foot […]

3 Signs Your Business Needs a Unified Communications Upgrade

There is no denying that we’re living in a technology era where efficiency and communication are better than ever. It can be overwhelming to know which trends to latch on to or which upgrades can be passed up. When it comes to your business you know it’s important to stay on top of the latest and […]

Enhance Your Credit Union’s Capabilities with Instant Messaging

What qualities or characteristics set one apart from the rest of the noise in their particular industry? As a credit union, what qualities do you have that sets you apart from the crowd of other banking options? What is it that members recognize as key reasons to use you as their primary financial institution? By taking a […]

What Use Does My Company Have With Instant Messaging?

Every company has different needs and objectives they must meet on a daily basis, and communication tools are critical to achieve success. From voice calls to web meetings, email communication to text messaging, there are so many platforms and approrpiate modes to streamline communication channels. You may wonder, what use does my company have with instant […]

Profiting From a Mobile Workforce

Long gone are the myths that remote employees will spend their days binge watching Netflix or running errands on the company’s dime. The Harvard Business Review made concrete contradictions to these assumptions in a recent study, siting that working from home can save a company an estimated $1,900 per employee for a nine month period. Companies will save money […]

Save Yourself the Runaround with Instant Messaging

A typical work day looks different for everyone and every business, however, almost every work day, no matter the business, includes collaboration. Collaboration happens on multiple levels, internally and externally, and is an essential ingredient for business success. Instant messaging allows collaboration to happen in real time, on multiple devices, with multiple methods, between multiple people, […]

Transform your Credit Union with Skype for Business

In the second article of our 4-part series, this article will highlight the benefits your credit union should be taking advantage of, specifically speaking, Skype for Business.  Many credit unions have migrated to Office 365 and implemented the many features it comes equipped with into their daily routines. Skype for Business for credit unions is one of the […]

3 Signs Your Business Needs Instant Messenger

There will always be new waves of communication that either fail or flourish in the business world. Are you looking to enhance the communication between employees? Do you need a more effective way to reach your customers? If you are considering adding instant messenger to the ways you communicate, here are the signs that will […]

How to Replace Your Phones with an Office 365 Phone System

If the statistics are true, chances are pretty good that your company is either using Office 365 or is considering using Office 365. The first push to Office 365 for most businesses starts with the use of the email service and Outlook, with the desire to move off of old Exchange servers and take advantage […]