Instant MessagingA typical work day looks different for everyone and every business, however, almost every work day, no matter the business, includes collaboration. Collaboration happens on multiple levels, internally and externally, and is an essential ingredient for business success. Instant messaging allows collaboration to happen in real time, on multiple devices, with multiple methods, between multiple people, located in different states/countries/continents, anytime, anywhere. Knowledge is shared in real time, work is done more efficiently, and relationships between employees, vendors, customers, and suppliers are taken to another level. Instant messaging provides the most efficient approach to collaboration. It’s how you can save yourself and your company the runaround.

Faster Speed – Have you ever waited on a response from a co-worker and finally you run over to their desk just to see that they haven’t checked their phone messages in over a month? Instant messaging is hard to beat when it comes to speed. Less formal than email, and quicker than playing phone tag, instant messaging allows employees to communicate immediately.

Mobile –  The everyday employee is not stationary. This tool is accessible whether you’re sitting at the desk or out meeting clients. IM is not limited to your desktop or laptop. You can reach out and respond to people from your mobile phone or tablet, so you’re really available whenever (and wherever) you want to be.

Sharing – Sharing is collaboration at its finest. Sharing via instant messaging is made easy with Skype for Business. From documents to presentations to photos, sharing information of any size with colleagues — individually or in a group — is only a drag and drop away, whether you’re chatting or on a voice call.

Customer Service – Instant messenger for customer service leads to solutions and answers being delivered more promptly and in the format that eases the mind of a worried consumer. Imagine how customer experience will improve if customers can have immediate access to solutions, instead of waiting anxiously to hear back from customer service.

Cost – Instant messenger is the most cost effective solution for business communication. Read our article about how Skype for Business provides multiple communication tools for one fair price.  Instead of outsourcing an expensive phone system, plus an additional messaging tool, implement Skype for Business to save both time and money for your organization and achieve the efficiencies of both.

Save yourself the runaround when you implement a Hosted Skype for Business solution with instant messaging for your company. To learn more about AltiGen and the services they provide, click here.