Instant Messaging

What qualities or characteristics set one apart from the rest of the noise in their particular industry? As a credit union, what qualities do you have that sets you apart from the crowd of other banking options? What is it that members recognize as key reasons to use you as their primary financial institution? By taking a look at your communication solutions you use internally you may find qualities you can enhance that will set you apart from the rest. By utilizing instant messaging in your daily operations you can in turn deliver to members:

  1. Speed. Everyone appreciates speed or efficiency, especially members who expect it. Instant messaging is hard to beat when it comes to speed. Less formal than email, and quicker than playing phone tag, instant messaging allows everyone involved to communicate faster. For members who are looking for answers, instant messaging allows employees to communicate internally faster in order to get those answers delivered. Instant messaging is a solution that will run in the background of your members operations, but they will take notice when they’re comments and concerns are being responded to faster than ever before.
  2. Employee Satisfaction.  Instant messaging allows internal communication to run more smoothly and swiftly. It saves employees the hassle of running around for answers and allows them to get answers when they need them. Instant messaging also allows employees to be mobile instead of stationary at a desk for hours on end waiting for answers. Instant messaging allows both parties to communicate in real time, no matter where they are. Employees can reach out and respond to co-workers from their mobile phone or tablet, so they can be available whenever (and wherever) they want to be. With this new level of flexibility, employees will be better satisfied with their employer, which directly impacts members. Members will have faith that they will be treated fairly by a credit union when they know the employees are happy with their employer.
  3. Member Services. Members are what matter most to your business, and being known for your member services is what can set your credit union apart. Instant messaging is the communication solution that puts members first. Instant messaging enhances the capabilities of your credit union communications internally in such a way that members will notice improvement with each interaction they have with you.

Instant messenger as a tool provides these benefits:

  1. Sharing.  Sharing via instant messaging is made easy with Skype for Business. From documents to presentations to photos, sharing information of any size with colleagues — individually or in a group — is only a drag and drop away, whether you’re chatting or on a voice call.
  2. Cost. Instant messenger is the most cost effective solution for business communication. Read our article about how Skype for Business provides multiple communication tools for one fair price.  Instead of outsourcing an expensive phone system, plus an additional messaging tool, implement Skype for Business to save both time and money for your organization and achieve the efficiencies of both.
  3. Advanced Features. Tap into the advanced features of instant messaging to completely enhance efficiency for your credit union. By partnering with an expert like Altigen, the capabilities of Skype for Business uniquely expand to include advanced calling features such as auto attendant, hunt groups, advanced call routing and more, so even the more complicated demands of your credit union can operate within your eco-system under one system, for one price.

Instant messaging not only enhances the member’s experience but the capabilities of your credit union in new and efficient ways. If you’re ready to take your credit union to the next level, partner with an expert in the industry like altigen.