Every company has different needs and objectives they must meet on a daily basis, and communication tools are critical to achieve success. From voice calls to web meetings, email communication to text messaging, there are so many platforms and approrpiate modes to streamline communication channels. You may wonder, what use does my company have with instant messaging? Until you take a deeper look into the benefits of IM you may believe that your current communication tools are enough. Instant messaging moves communication forward in real time in a manner that is more efficient and ideal for employees and clients alike.

What are some signs that prove your company could use IM?

  1. Your Current System is Not Cost Effective. IM is the most cost effective tool for fast and easy communication. By implementing Skype for Business, you can offer your company instant messaging and phone capabilities under one system. Implementing Skype for Business can save both time and money for your organization. Skype for Business offers multiple communication tools for one fair flat price.
  2. You’ve Surpassed the Formality of Traditional Communication Tools. With open concept offices and mobile work forces becoming pivotal roles in every industry today, traditional communication tools are becoming outdated and inefficient. If your company primarily communicates using email, consider how instant messaging would speed up projects and effect your bottom line. With email communication comes an expected level of professionalism, with everything from business signatures to formal language. Instant messaging allows employees to communicate at a faster speed with more time spent on the content that matters and less on the formality of email.
  3. Your Customer Service Needs Improvement. Possibly the most important sign to take notice of is if your customer service department is failing to please customers, then instant messaging could be the solution. Help desk employees can quickly answer tough questions they don’t know the answer to by pinging other members of their team. Or get management approval on a client request without even having to put the customer on hold. Using instant messenger for customer service leads to solutions and answers being delivered more promptly.

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Still not convinced of what use your company has for IM? Imagine the various departments in your company and all the specific operations they must complete in a standard work day. Now imagine how their tasks would be enhanced by the integration of instant messaging. Your call center can easily communicate with customer service to better answer customers questions when they need answered. Call center operations will be taken to the next level when they have the ability to internally communicate with other departments and simultaneously offer help to customers. Sales team members can quickly communicate while on the road with employees back at the office or with clients all over the world. Mobile or remote employees can be productive at home instead of waiting for emails to be answered or leaving voicemails. No matter the business or how your company operates, instant messaging enhances the capabilities of all departments and all operations. If your company has use for effective communication your company has a use for instant messaging.