IM for businessThere will always be new waves of communication that either fail or flourish in the business world. Are you looking to enhance the communication between employees? Do you need a more effective way to reach your customers? If you are considering adding instant messenger to the ways you communicate, here are the signs that will reassure you that it should be the next step in your business plan.

  • Your business has outgrown the formality of traditional email communication.  In today’s market, a block of cubicles is not the only factor that defines a business. We’ve entered an age where the old tricks of the trade have become stale. With email communication comes an expected level of professionalism, with everything from business signatures to formal language. Frankly, if your employees are sending more than 20 emails a day, the extra time taken to make the email more formal is costing your business money. Integrating instant messenger creates real time communication among employees as well as customers, and is a more efficient solution.
  • Your customer service needs improvement. Sometimes all customers’ want is to know they’re being heard, and what better way to reassure them than instant communication. When a customer sends an email, they’re in the dark to whether it was received, opened or understood until the reply comes in, which can lead to the customer feeling anxious and frustrated with the whole process. Traditionally used for internal communication, IM has branched out to allow different organizations talk to each other (in Skype for Business this is called Federation – Read our article Improve Outdated Communications with Skype for Business Federation Feature ). Using instant messenger for customer service leads to solutions and answers being delivered more promptly and in the format that eases the mind of a worried consumer.
  • Your current system is costly.  Instant messenger is the cost effective solution for business communication. Read our article about how Skype for Business provides multiple communication tools for one fair price.  Instead of outsourcing an expensive phone system plus an additional messaging tool, implement Skype for Business to save both time and money for your organization.

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