Teams Phone Migration Services

Accurate, On Time and Within Budget

Automate the migration from your legacy PBX to Microsoft Teams Phone quickly, accurately and cost-effectively

  • Decreases migration effort from months to days
  • Auto data extraction and loading eliminates errors
  • Reporting and project management improves visibility and control

CoreMigrate Overview

CoreMigrate streamlines and automates the labor-intensive and error-prone manual tasks associated with transitioning from a PBX system to Microsoft Teams Phone. The process begins with data being extracted from your PBX to generate a comprehensive PBX audit report.  The data is then transformed for configuration of Microsoft Teams.  The entire process, or individual steps, can be performed by the customer, Teams provider, or Altigen depending on your requirements and in-house expertise.

After extraction, we blend in other important data such as Call Detail Reporting, Active Directory, Voicemail, Network Edge Switches and more to deliver an audit report that summarizes all of your existing data with insight into any potential issues.

  • Import the analyzed information into a Teams Ready Data Store and map it accordingly.
  • Configure Teams based on your specifications.
  • Review to ensure all requirements are met
  • Launch your new telephony solution!