unified communications

There is no denying that we’re living in a technology era where efficiency and communication are better than ever. It can be overwhelming to know which trends to latch on to or which upgrades can be passed up. When it comes to your business you know it’s important to stay on top of the latest and greatest communication solutions in order to provide an efficient environment for your employees and exceptional service for your customers. Are you looking to enhance the communication between employees? Do you need a more effective way to reach your customers? If you are considering adding a unified communications solution to your business plan, here are the signs that will reassure you it’s an upgrade your company needs.

1. Your customer service needs improvement. This is one department that you can never stop investing in or making steps to improve. Customer service is sometimes the first interaction customers have with your business so it’s important that you have the answers they need. Instant messaging is a component of unified communications that immediately enhances the capabilities of your customer service department. By using instant messaging internally, your customer service department will be able to find the answers and solutions your customer needs quicker in order to ease the mind of a worried customer.

2. Your mobile workforce is expanding. Today employees are not stationary. Whether you’re employees are always on the move or operate out of their homes, it is necessary to provide them with the communication solutions they’d have access to in the office. Implementing a unified communications solution is increasingly an essential step in the mobile workforce process. The cloud and Microsoft Office 365’s Skype for Business make a mobile workforce all possible.  Skype for Business, available with most Office 365 subscriptions, gives you the ability to use one application for all your communication needs, from IM to email, web meetings to phone calls, for all employees. Skype for Business offers features like web meetings and advanced calling components that allow employees to be productive where ever they are.

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3. Your current solution is costly. Sometimes it’s easy to assume that upgrades will add additional costs but when you implement a unified communications solution you have the opportunity to do the opposite, reduce costs. Way too often companies rely on multiple vendors and applications, operating in silos. Your business can’t afford to operate in silos. Integrating all of the ways you communicate and collaborate can increase productivity, simplify your workflow and increase your profitability. Unified communications is most cost effective solution for business communication. By unifying your communication you will have access to multiple communication tools under one fair price, you’ll not only save money but valuable time for your employees and customers.

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