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Why Are Businesses Ditching Old Phone Systems for Cloud Communications?

Converting to a new phone system is a huge undertaking, which can deter businesses from making the switch. Despite this, many small to medium sized business are choosing to move their phone systems to the cloud. A cloud communication system can increase efficiency, cut operating costs over time, and it’s fully customizable unlike most of […]

Just Because Your Phone System Works Doesn’t Make it Secure

Many businesses continue to use PBX lines, and although they still work, it doesn’t make them secure. PBX lines create several branches off of the main phone line, and in many cases are routing voice traffic over internet connections, which results in a severe lack of security. Maintaining security is essential for businesses, especially financial […]

How Can Your Business Ensure Phone Lines Are Always Open?

Life is unpredictable, but your business shouldn’t be. You never know when a disaster may strike, and it’s important to be prepared to deal with the obstacles that come with it. For many businesses, losing phone connectivity is detrimental. When people lose contact with your business, it can lead to dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and […]

TLS vs. SSL. What Security Protocol Should You Be Using?

In the credit union and banking industry, it is essential to keep confidential information safe. Now that financial records are maintained entirely through online databases, it is more important than ever to implement security features that will protect customers, banks, and credit unions from hackers. TLS (Transport Layer Security) and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) are cryptographic […]

How Will Unified Communication Benefit Your Business?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could unify communications using only one system? With all the platforms we use to keep in touch in organizations today, details can get passed over and miscommunications arise and it’s no surprise that important messages slip through the cracks. Keeping things connected can save your business time, money, and […]

Take the Hassle out of Switching to Cloud Communications

Many businesses get bombarded with calls from communication companies hoping to win their business, but what is the cost of switching to a new provider? If your business is considering implementing a cloud-based phone system, then there are several factors to consider. LEVERAGE EXISTING INVESTMENTS. Unfortunately, many communication providers will not be able to utilize your […]

VoIP 101: Understanding Skype for Business

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a widely accepted and used form of communication today. Skype is also the most used and well-known video calling platform using VoIP technology.  Skype uses a type of VoIP protocol called peer-to-peer connection, which means that after the user logs into their Skype account there’s no need to manage […]

How Skype for Business and Chatbots Are Changing the Way People Do Business

Back in 2003 Skype was established with the intent to make communications between people cheaper and faster, especially across state and national boundaries. The idea for Skype was sparked by peer-to-peer sharing, which meant as more people downloaded and used Skype, the better the connection would become for each user. As an added incentive, Skype […]

Why Hosted Skype for Business is the Gold Standard

With the Winter Olympics upon us, there is no doubt winning an Olympic medal is amazing. Just making the Olympics is impressive, but to be deemed the top 3 in the world in your sport is mind boggling. Winning a bronze: Great!  Silver? Wow! Really darn impressive.  But Olympians strive for Gold.  So we will […]

Hosted Skype for Business Video Presented by Altigen

Watch our Hosted Skype for Business Video! Skype for Business is the world’s leading Unified Communications platform, providing Instant Messaging, Presence, Voice and Video Calling, Desktop Sharing, Web Conferencing and Mobility. Find out how Hosted Skype for Business can help your business cut costs, improve business continuity and agility, and simplify management solutions by viewing […]