Converting to a new phone system is a huge undertaking, which can deter businesses from making the switch. Despite this, many small to medium sized business are choosing to move their phone systems to the cloud. A cloud communication system can increase efficiency, cut operating costs over time, and it’s fully customizable unlike most of existing PBX systems. Businesses who continue to use their aging PBX might fear moving to the the cloud for a variety of reasons. Maybe investing in a new system doesn’t seem worth the cost, or switching to cloud communications seems unnecessary because your business is happy with the performance of your existing phone system. Oftentimes it seems easier to stick with the system that employees know, and the thought of retraining can be daunting. All of these doubts can be addressed by partnering with a company who has experience transitioning companies over to cloud communications. Altigen has been able to implement cloud communication solutions for their clients in all different types of industries.

For example, Elite Marketing Group/Insurance Designers was looking for a cloud-based solution, and needed a system that would meet their key functional business requirements while decreasing their annual cost of operation. With Altigen, they were able to access the solutions they needed, such as a multi-level auto attendant that enables customers to be routed to the right employee who can then view the callers information, prioritize calls, and even set personal call handling rules to improve customer service. Communication is extremely important for a company like Elite Marketing because they work with roughly 5,000 insurance agents in a given year. With Altigen as their partner, they had no gaps in service, and they were able to make a seamless transition to cloud communications. In addition to improving their phone system, they were also able to decrease their total cost of ownership and upfront capital expenses.

If you’re considering a switch to cloud communications and improving your phone system, Altigen can help your business move there seamlessly. Contact an Altigen representative to learn more about our cloud-based solutions, and how they can help your business.

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