With the Winter Olympics upon us, there is no doubt winning an Olympic medal is amazing. Just making the Olympics is impressive, but to be deemed the top 3 in the world in your sport is mind boggling. Winning a bronze: Great!  Silver? Wow! Really darn impressive.  But Olympians strive for Gold.  So we will contend, Skype for Business is great. By integrating all the ways you communicate with a robust Unified Communication platform like Skype for Business, you increase productivity, simplify workflows and increase profitability. Adding in PBX functionality with Advanced Call Center capabilities, and you have achieved a really darn impressive UC solution. But Hosted Skype for Business – gaining all the benefits for Skype for Business without any hassle or headache in deployment or management – is Gold.

Why Hosted Skype for Business? A Hosted solution not only reduces deployment costs, it eliminates the concerns for ongoing upgrades and maintenance. If you are new to Skype for Business, a hosted solution cuts deployment time substantially. The average deployment of an on premise UC solution in a company of about 250 people takes 9 to 12 months. With a hosted solution, experts in the field handle everything from setup to daily managing, so your deployment effortlessly runs in the background of your daily operations in less than half the time and with significantly lower upfront capital expenditures than on-prem.  You also lessen the worry of disaster recovery.  AltiGen’s Hosted Skype for Business is designed to be fault-tolerant and highly scalable.  This resilient architecture employs both application and infrastructure-level redundancy to ensure no single point of failure.

Chat, collaboration and presence is medal worthy for sure. Adding in Advanced Call Center capabilities, so you can truly use Skype as a complete UC solution with PSTN Calling, call routing, auto attendant and more moves you up the podium.  Accomplishing all of this with a hosted solution in a secured, fully redundant cloud and delivered as a complete managed service with 24 x 7 support… that’s Gold.

View our video on why Hosted Skype for Business with Altigen wins Gold: