Life is unpredictable, but your business shouldn’t be. You never know when a disaster may strike, and it’s important to be prepared to deal with the obstacles that come with it. For many businesses, losing phone connectivity is detrimental. When people lose contact with your business, it can lead to dissatisfied customers, lost sales, and ultimately a hit to bottom lines. In a marketplace where options are endless, one incident where phone lines are unavailable could cause a permanent loss of customers.

SIP Trunking is a solution that can prevent such a disaster from occurring. when used as either a primary line or as a back-up or recovery line you can have a greater guarantee on connectivity. PSTN phone lines are highly susceptible to outages. Whether it be a natural disaster or software malfunction, there are a lot of events that can interrupt PSTN phone services. When this happens a SIP Trunk can redirect traffic from the PSTN line to prevent a break in communication.

SIP Trunks are great not only as a disaster recovery service, but as a primary communication service as well. It’s a great solution for both small and large business because it’s cost effective, and integrates well with existing communication services. If your business is looking for a secure and reliable service to prevent a communication outage, then a SIP Trunk is certainly a solution to consider.

Altigen offers a SIP Trunk service using enterprise grade VoIP technology, and is powered through geo-redundant architecture to ensure connectivity. In addition to being cost effective, Altigen’s SIP Trunk service comes with support to help install the system, and provide solutions should any problems arise. To learn more about our SIP Trunk service visit, or take the VoIP readiness test to see if your business is ready to make the switch.