Wouldn’t it be nice if you could unify communications using only one system? With all the platforms we use to keep in touch in organizations today, details can get passed over and miscommunications arise and it’s no surprise that important messages slip through the cracks. Keeping things connected can save your business time, money, and prevent the headache of balancing different lines of communication. With the Microsoft Office 365 phone system, your business can unify communication solutions. The Microsoft Office 365 phone system is a cloud-based solution that will allow you to move away from PBX systems. Microsoft Office 365 is also fully integrated with Skype for Business, which means making a call is as easy as a single click on a name from your contact list. With the integration of Skype for Business you gain all the benefits it has to offer, including:

  • Screen Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Audio and Video Calls
  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence
  • Anywhere Access: Mobile, Tablet, and PC

When used in conjunction with Microsoft Office 365, you can incorporate your existing technology and desk phones as well.  This means you can keep your existing systems and use them alongside Office 365 and Skype for Business in order to optimize your communication system.

If your business is considering unifying communication solutions, Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 phone system are leaders in the industry due to their ease of use and ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing platforms. Altigen offers a Hosted Skype for Business platform that integrates with Microsoft Office 365, so you get the benefits without all the hassle of management, the high costs of server purchases, upgrades and maintenance. Altigen serves as a partner to their clients to ensure a smooth installation and transition process. To learn more about Hosted Skype for Business and the opportunities it can provide for your business, watch our video.