Many businesses continue to use PBX lines, and although they still work, it doesn’t make them secure. PBX lines create several branches off of the main phone line, and in many cases are routing voice traffic over internet connections, which results in a severe lack of security. Maintaining security is essential for businesses, especially financial institutions like banks and credit unions, where customers/members often share confidential information over the phone. Credit unions that offer telephone banking options and allow their members to check their account balance and information over the phone require an additional layer of necessary security as information is passed to the core software.

In a recent blog post we discussed the differences between TLS and SSL security protocols and the upcoming changes being mandated. With earlier versions of TLS and SSL being phased out, what does that mean for your phone system? Whether it’s the PBX connecting to the internet through SIP Trunking, or your AVR system connecting members to the core, it’s important to be current on security. When the connection is made through a secure TLS server, it increases the level of security that your credit union can provide. 

Even if you are able to upgrade your phones to make them more secure, PBX phone lines still can’t provide all of the features many businesses need today. PBX lines are outdated and costly to maintain, which is why many business who continue to use PBX lines must supplement their communications with VoIP. Unified Communications features that an upgraded system can provide and today’s businesses require, such as Instant Messenger, Collaboration, Web meetings, and even chatbots, are lacking in older phone systems.

Moving communications to the cloud will allow your business to streamline communications on one platform while increasing security. When partnering with a communications expert, the transition will be easy and seamless. Altigen manages this process for their clients to ensure migration to cloud communications goes off without a hitch, and serves as a partner for continuous help and maintenance after installation. Contact an Altigen representative to see if cloud communications can be a solution for your business.