5 Ways Live Chat Can Improve Your Website

With technology improving everyday, customers expect more features and customization within an online experience. E-commerce experiences are also expected to be simple and seamless, as that is the new norm. The expansion of e-commerce creates more noise in the marketplace, forcing businesses to increase their competitive advantage. One way that businesses can stay competitive is […]

What Can You Gain from Microsoft Phone System?

PBX has been the tried and true solution for office communication over the past several decades. However, in recent years, PBX alone has not been able to provide the range of services that many businesses need. PBX systems have also become increasingly difficult to integrate with other communication services, and finding a product that is […]

Is Your PBX Worth the Cost?

PBX phone systems have always been a tried and true method of communication for businesses. However, now that other technologies are available, is up-keeping your PBX lines worth the cost? In most cases, the answer is no. There are several other options that have more features for a lower price, so if you’re in the […]

SMS Text: A Customer’s Most Preferred Communication Method

According to an extensive study by Twilio that surveyed over 6,000 consumers in Asia, Europe, and the United States, 89% of customers would prefer to communicate with businesses via SMS text. Considering that texting has become the main method of communication in our everyday lives, especially for younger generations like Millennials and Generation Z, it’s […]

Customer Service Through SMS Text, Does Your Business Really Need It?

Between phone calls, email, live chat, and now text messaging, there are seemingly limitless ways to get in contact with customers to provide support. With other modes of communication already in place, do businesses really need SMS text support? Although the customer service process would certainly go on without it, text support can actually provide […]

Building a Better Brand with Live Chat

Live chat can do much more than improve your customer service process. In addition to helping customers through their questions and concerns, it can build a list of qualified leads. Users of live chat have already been browsing your website, and were interested enough in the product or service offerings to contact your business. Even […]

Live Chat: A New Way to Increase Online Sales

As explained in our recent article, Is Live Chat the New Frontier for Customer Service,  live chat provides a myriad of benefits that will give your business a competitive advantage. The most lucrative benefit is increased profits, by both creating efficiencies and increasing sales. Here’s why connecting with customers through live chat increases sales and […]

Is Live Chat the New Frontier for Customer Service?

Live chat is a tool that’s becoming more popular on websites today. Although, many businesses are reluctant to embrace live chat due to uncertainties of the cost versus benefit. Would a business really need live chat if phone and email customer service options are already available? Yes, because it offers benefits that other modes of […]

The Reality of Phone Systems Without Security

In a recent blog we discussed the importance of phone security, and the means through which an internet connection is established. We all know security is something we should monitor when it comes to our computers, but what happens if phone systems are neglected? A Toyota dealership in Summit County, OH experienced this first hand […]

The State of Communications in Light of the Facebook Data Breach

Facebook has concluded that 87 million users were affected by the Cambridge Analytica data breach, most of which are residents of the United States. The personal information gathered from users was used to impact the presidential election. This scandal has been highly debated over the last few weeks, and the discussion continues as Facebook co-founder […]