Have you considered the benefits of deploying live web chat software on your website?

It can be a daunting task to implement and where do you start? We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why live web chat will help your business. Altigen’s MaxChat Application allows you to easily handle live chat communications which include web chat, SMS, and social media platforms all into a single client. Get in touch today to talk about what we can offer you.

  1. Customer Convenience

Many studies have shown that, if given the option, customers prefer web chat over phone calls. MaxChat enables your customers to contact you directly from their PC or mobile device, quickly and conveniently.

  1. Simplified Interactions

With MaxChat, customers don’t have to spend time searching for your phone number, specific contact details or email address. By simply landing on your website customers can initiate a live chat session or you can proactively engage with your customer with a pop-up offer to chat.

  1. Increases Web Conversions

Not all website visitors are “window shopping”.  Many are looking for more information on your solutions/services or answers to their questions prior to making a purchase decision.  MaxChat enables your staff to immediately respond to website visitor requests which, in turn, helps convert website traffic to sales.

  1. Helps You Build Your Prospective Customer Database

MaxChat allows you to collect the key information about your website visitors which you can then use to market your products and/or services to those prospective customers.

  1. Cost Effective

Studies have shown that live chat is a much lower cost alternative to telephone calls as a means to communicate with customers and prospects. Of course, this is in addition to increasing the probability of interacting with prospective customers by offering an online communications channel.

  1. Improves Employee Productivity

Most of our customers are happy to report that their employees are busy. Rather than taking your employees away from what they’re currently working on, MaxChat enables employees to multi-task, and easily address requests without disrupting their work.

  1. Results Reporting

MaxChat monitors all live chat sessions and provides historical transcripts, providing you with critical business insights and quality control. And with full reporting on usage and agent performance, you get complete visibility of your online customer interactions.

  1. Makes Your Business More Approachable

One of the more powerful capabilities of MaxChat is its ability to foster engagements with customers and prospects alike. Many website visitors, who would not otherwise pick up the phone and give your company a call, will happily engage in a one-on-one chat session.

  1. Gain a Competitive Advantage

How many of your competitors have deployed live chat software? If you’re like most small businesses, the answer is “not many”. By offering a live chat service with MaxChat, you’ll not only outshine the competition, but also have the opportunity to engage and convert website visitors before they call your competition.

  1. Supports Advanced Business Objectives

In addition to providing live chat capabilities, MaxChat can deliver SMS messages via chat, respond to visitor requests 24 x 7 with its automated chat bot service, and integrate with your company’s CRM system – all designed to increase your business opportunities.