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Migration /mʌɪˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/ – noun. The process of moving from one thing to another. Great migrations include years of travelers coming to new land for better opportunities, seasonal movement of birds, and now the movement from old, out dated systems to the cloud. While migration in the past may have been thought of as timely and exhausting, your great migration will be simple and easier than ever. Moving to our hosted cloud communication service is incredibly quick and easy for existing MaxCS customers and here’s why you should get on the move today.

  1. Worry Free, Fully Managed Service. If customers choose to deploy in our fully managed cloud, you’ll go from worrying about every detail to being pleasantly surprised by the hands off approach the cloud provides. By choosing to deploy your solution in our cloud we manage the migration to be as effortless and efficient for your bottomline. Everything is done in parallel with your existing system, and your users won’t notice a thing.  It’s the same system they’re trained on, just now in the cloud.
  2. Always Updated. MaxCloud is completely future-proof. As an all-in-one software solution, MaxCS VoIP Phone System is continually enhanced with new features and applications while eliminating the need for expensive proprietary hardware – resulting in longer life and lower costs compared to traditional hardware-based PBX systems. Your system will continually update to the latest, giving you the most current software and hardware without the large associated price tags.
  3. Advanced Features. By integrating Office 365 and Skype for Business with your existing MaxCS system, you have the opportunity to provide your users with a complete unified communications solution. This complete, cost-effective solution comes equipped with more features and capabilities, enhancing how your company does communication. Features like instant messaging, web conferencing, presence and voice call are added to the already great benefits of auto attendant, automatic call distribution and real time reporting.
  4. Unbeatable Cost. Probably the most appealing and important factor to clients is the cost saving benefits moving to the cloud will offer you. Migrating to the cloud reduces your total cost of ownership by eliminating the costs of purchasing hardware and on-going maintenance. Additionally, you can save 30% or more on monthly telco spend by integrating SIP Trunking with your system.

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Migrating to the cloud is easier than ever, and the benefits speak for themselves. If you’re ready for the next great migration call us today to enhance the capabilities of your communication solution.