Integrated SIP Services

SIP TrunkOur integrated SIP Trunk service provides our customers with global enterprise grade VoIP services optimized for our Unified Communications solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art intelligent call routing and  interconnecting with global Tier 1 carriers, our SIP Trunks deliver high quality voice calls at highly competitive rates.

Our online portal simplifies the process of porting your existing telephone numbers, selecting new DID and toll free numbers, and managing your monthly bill.

Secure, Reliable VoIP Phone Service

Our SIP Trunk service is powered by a geo-redundant architecture with three different points of presence (PoPs) to ensure uptime and service availability.  Fully integrated with our Unified Solutions, your company will benefit from rapid SIP Trunk service delivery, real-time DID number selection and no hassle telephone number porting.

Integrate Communications Across Locations

SIP trunkingBecause we provide nationwide local and toll free numbers, our SIP Trunk service enables your headquarters and branch office locations to maintain their local phone numbers – even if calls are directed to your corporate office. Our Unified Communications solutions, combined with our SIP Trunk service, also supports extension dialing between offices, which eliminates toll charges for inter-office calls.

Reduce Your Communications Costs

In addition to highly competitive rates, metro area and long distance calls are treated the same as a local call – so it’s no more expensive to call across the country (including Canada) than to call across town.  Our simplified, “no hidden charges” billing model further enables you to easily manage your communications costs.

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