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What is VoIP Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Businesses, small and large, are making the switch from traditional phone lines to VoIP. More and more landline customers are being lost and VoIP’s popularity is said to grow 10% every year between now and 2021. How does a business determine that they’re ready for VoIP and what considerations need to be made before adopting […]

Rehashing 4 Benefits of VoIP for Every Business

No matter the size of the business, companies everywhere are considering VoIP phone services. There are now nearly 1 billion users of VoIP worldwide. According to the VoIP Report, telecoms are losing an average of 700,000 landline customers per month, while it’s projected that the VoIP services market will expand 10 percent every year until […]

Integrating Skype for Business into Your Daily Work Routine

Communication impacts productivity. It is the glue that keeps projects on tasks and our overall efficiency at work ever increasing. From a company-wide perspective, improving communications can ensure your organization is running smoothly. But a company is the sum of all of its parts, and its parts are your employees. No matter how many tools and resources […]