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Is Your PBX Worth the Cost?

PBX phone systems have always been a tried and true method of communication for businesses. However, now that other technologies are available, is up-keeping your PBX lines worth the cost? In most cases, the answer is no. There are several other options that have more features for a lower price, so if you’re in the […]

Just Because Your Phone System Works Doesn’t Make it Secure

Many businesses continue to use PBX lines, and although they still work, it doesn’t make them secure. PBX lines create several branches off of the main phone line, and in many cases are routing voice traffic over internet connections, which results in a severe lack of security. Maintaining security is essential for businesses, especially financial […]

Take the Hassle out of Switching to Cloud Communications

Many businesses get bombarded with calls from communication companies hoping to win their business, but what is the cost of switching to a new provider? If your business is considering implementing a cloud-based phone system, then there are several factors to consider. LEVERAGE EXISTING INVESTMENTS. Unfortunately, many communication providers will not be able to utilize your […]