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2018 is right around the corner, and what better time to evaluate member services than in the new year. Members who are satisfied with their financial provider are more likely to advocate for your credit union and aid in attracting more members. In the new year, ramp up your credit union member services with Unified Communications to not only keep current members happy but gain new ones too. Here are 4 ways to improve members services with UC:

  1. Hosted Skype for Business – Utilizing Hosted Skype for Business in a credit union frees up time for what matters most and leaves the tricky technology for someone else to worry about. A hosted solution is ultimately the better decision for any sized credit union because the DIY solution will anticipate higher costs to upgrade and refresh their solution, whereas a hosted solution is future proof, with no outdated hardware or software to worry about, and ability to scale up or down as needed. This blog offers a more in-depth look into the difference between DIY and hosted solutions.
  2. Cloud Contact Center – Member expereince will improve the moment they’re quickly and accurately put in contact with an MSR who is prompt and prepared to provide a solution. A well implemented hosted service can provide dividends for years to come.  By choosing a “Cloud” based or “Hosted” service, you can significantly reduce the upfront investment and ongoing cost of maintenance for your phone system. Afterall, you are a credit union, not a communication solution provider.  It’s also an opportunity to affordably add key functionality to better serve your members.
  3. Instant Messaging – Imagine the various departments in your credit union and all the specific operations they must complete in a standard work day. Now imagine how their tasks would be enhanced by the integration of instant messaging. Your call center can easily communicate with each other and MSR’s to better answer members questions when they need answered. Members are what matter most to your business, and being known for your member services is what can set your credit union apart. Instant messaging is the communication solution that puts members first. Instant messaging enhances the capabilities of your credit union communications internally in such a way that members will notice improvement with each interaction they have with you.
  4. MaxDR – Having a disaster recovery plan in place is the only way to protect ROI, member satisfaction, employee productivity and expensive replacement costs. AltiGen’s MaxDR is a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that acts as an affordable insurance policy for your credit union’s phone system. MaxDR is fault tolerant and includes a fully redundant data center that offers internet, power and SIP trunk resiliency. AltiGen’s solution offers rapid recovery and mitigates downtime to clients who experience phone system failure. This solution also eliminates the need to purchase hardware or software because the solution is offered as a fully-managed, cloud-based system.

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In the new year, ramp up member services and see member satisfaction and referrals increase as well. Subscribe to our blog and never miss the latest technology upgrades for your credit union.