As your plans for updating your business IT hardware and software begin to unfold here in 2018, you and your team have most likely prepared well and laid out the basic ground work for any upgrades and projects. As with many significant undertakings, however, there are going to be items on your list that you planned for and those you did not, and some challenges along the way.  If migrating from Lync to Skype for Business is on your to-do list, consider that there might be more than one way to accomplish this. While there is a lot of information (and explanation) out there on how to achieve this migration, have you stopped to consider all that might be involved in the transition? There might just be a solution that not only makes more sense, but is also more cost-effective.

There is a lot of fanfare surrounding migrating from Lync to Skype for Business because, number one, so many companies have undertaken the task, and secondly, the migration has been simplified by using an ‘in-place’ upgrade method.  But before you buy-in and invest time and money into this endeavor, there are several things to consider.  Do you have the correct server topology in place? Are your servers all running on the same version?  If not, you might be looking at a lot of extra time and money converting or removing the outdated or non-compatible hardware in order to integrate the Skype for Business 2015 server.  Other expenses to consider are your network and data center costs, VoIP gateway and SBC costs, new licensing, servicing fees and more. What if there was another solution?

The solution should not be surprising- invest in technology that allows for migrating from Lync to Skype for Business with a hosted alternative, such as Altigen’s Hosted Skype for Business.  It is more cost-effective, efficient and can greatly simplify your transition from Lync, removing the hassle of finding the right hardware and eliminates many of the expenses associated with on-premises conversions, and future upgrades and maintenance. Using a hosted solution has other conveniences as well, such as secure cloud storage, and the migration is performed by a team of experts who can handle any complications and streamline the process, as well as offer 24-7 support. Your solution is both future proof with built in redundancy for disaster recovery. Altigen’s Hosted Skype for Business also ensures you do not have to sacrifice advanced call center capabilities and can offer a comprehensive UC solution for your organization.

Instead of investing in new software and hardware, why not consider a hosted solution when migrating from Lync to Skype for Business?  Enjoy all the benefits of Skype for Business’ Unified Communications Platform, while still working within your natively integrated suite of enterprise and departmental Contact Center applications, all while having 24-7 support provided by a team of experts.

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