capabilities of Skype for BusinessToo often, businesses rely on multiple vendors and applications for their various communication needs, from email to voicemail, web chats to web meetings, operating in silos. Your business can’t afford to operate in silos. Integrating all of the ways you communicate and collaborate with a Unified Communication platform, and extending the capabilities of Skype for Business can increase productivity, simplify your workflow and increase your profitability.

As the dominant player in the market, Microsoft’s Skype for Business platform is a great way to improve communication efficiencies. It takes most of the silos of your company communications and combines them into one comprehensive UC solution. Having these functions operate in conjunction with each other allows your employees to reach the right person at the right time and get immediate responses.

However, in many cases businesses, especially those with help desks and contact centers, are forced to continue to operate those departments with more advanced call feature needs, such as Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, and call reporting, in their own silo. This is counter-productive to the philosophy behind UC.

For every business who has adopted Skype for Business for robust Unified Communications features such as instant messaging, web conferencing, collaboration, and its integration with Microsoft Office 365, there is a business not ready to make the move due to the advanced call functionality they require. Or these businesses continue to run hybrid communication platforms in order to get all the advanced capabilities of Skype for Business, while still maintaining necessary PBX and call center capabilities.

How can you manage and increase productivity with a UC Solution for departments that are reliant upon PBX and call center features? The work to establish an integration between an existing PBX or call center solution and Skype may be super complex and not feasible, both monetarily and technically, for most businesses. Working with a Microsoft partner such as AltiGen, businesses can now deliver the features Skype for Business offers, while also incorporating these enhanced capabilities:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Hunt Groups
  • Advanced Multimedia Routing & Queuing
  • Web Chat Queuing
  • Agent/Supervisor Desktop Clients
  • Real-time and Historical Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Web-based Administration

In the case of today’s communications, businesses are eager to merge their different communication silos, and adopt the concept of Unified Communications. AltiGen’s MaxACD contact center solution extends the capabilities of Skype for Business to include advanced calling features, so even the more complicated demands of a help desk or call center can operate within your eco-system and not in a separate silo. MaxACD enhances Skype for Business by natively integrating in advanced PBX and contact center features required to meet the needs of today’s enterprises, allowing them to work better, not harder.

Learn more about AltiGen’s Skype for Business Certified MaxACD Multimedia Contact Center at Or register for our webinar:  Simplified Cloud Contact Center for Skype for Business and O365.