cloud solutions

You don’t derive any benefits by OWNING technology, you derive benefits from USING the technology. The purchase and ownership of proprietary boxes, and then managing and upgrading them has proven to be a costly and time consuming function for enterprise communications. A simpler solution embraced by many companies is looking to a hosted solution for their voice communications, much like the trends of other network technology, where features are constantly being upgraded and delivered on a subscription basis. This avoids the large upfront capital expenditure cost.

Communications as a Service at a recurring price has many advantages: A cloud solution is easy for anyone to get started on without the long dreaded proprietary training. Features are added continuously and transparently with no system shut down… They are seamless to the customer. Gone are the days a “phone tech” will need to come to your location to make changes to the system. Systems Engineers, trained and expertly skilled on the software continuously monitor the health of your system, and perform upgrades with new features, when they are tested and available.

With an advanced Communication as a Service vendor, deploying your system is as easy as using your computer, your mobile device, or a Polycom elegant desktop phone. No longer do you have to add cards to add lines or functionality. The new model is extremely elastic, allowing companies to use more trunks when they need it by just paying for usage. Multi-location companies and mobile workers can easily connect to each other with just a simple internet connection.

Disadvantages of a DIY Voice Over IP UC Solution:

Here are just a few reasons that owning proprietary boxes for your phone systems is rapidly becoming a thing of the past:

  • A new phone system requires an extremely large capital expenditure
  • Phone technology is changing so rapidly, any purchase you make today will be OBSOLETE in just a couple years or less
  • Phone systems are not easily adapted to multi-location businesses or mobile workers
  • Phone equipment does not scale well: if you buy something too large you overpay, if you buy something too small you have to pay again
  • Phone systems are not normally redundant, so if your power goes out, you no longer get phone calls
  • Premise based phone systems require maintenance, and even annual licenses in some cases
  • Moves, adds and changes can be expensive and overly complicated
  • Premise based solutions require a “phone guy” to come out.

Eliminate downtime and ongoing maintenance issues by looking to a single vendor to deploy a solution that will allow you to USE the technology, not own it or not worry about it. Altigen’s secure and highly available cloud solutions have become the most elegant and integrated Unified Communications (UC) telephony solution around, and built from the ground up to integrate with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, all supported 24/7 by Altigen as well as its global network of authorized & certified business partners. Run Skype For Business in parallel to our Cloud PBX, adding all the call communication functionality you need, including an optional call center package. Learn more by attending one of our webinars.