Office 365In today’s hectic climate, competition among financial institutions is at an all time high. Members have access to the information they need to rate credit unions up against big banks, and vice versa. That’s why, more than ever, it’s important to offer top rated member services and innovative technology. Credit unions set themselves apart because of their personalized services and ability to offer lower rates and loans. With the added edge of efficient and secure service features, your credit union will stride confidently past the competition and into the lives of sought after members. Here is why your credit union should be using Office 365 to set themselves apart.

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  1. Collaboration. Using Office 365 will not only benefit your members but will also benefit the day-to-day and big picture operations of your credit union. Office 365 comes equipped with instant messaging, desktop sharing and easy file transfer. These features allow employees to get instant answers, comment and edit directly into a shared document, and easily receive files of any size, immediately collaborating on several different projects. It’s also great for collaboration among branches, as branch managers can all collaborate on one project from their own location with the guarantee that whichever document their editing is the most updated version. This will also save on time and travel expenses of personnel between branches. Credit union branches will work more cohesively when their collaboration is enhanced and members will recognize how instantly they’re receiving help and answers from your credit union because of the efficiency.
  2. Updated Constantly. Office 365 automatically keeps your system updated with the latest software and licensing. The value  of no longer having to worry about security updates, installing, managing, patching, and upgrading extremely complex software systems will prove to be beyond beneficial to credit union operations and IT costs, not to mention keeping you compliant.
  3. Top-Notch Security. File security with Office 365 is the exceptional service your members expect. With the ability to save everything to the Microsoft cloud, no matter the disaster, your files can be recovered. Security is one of the most important factors to members when choosing whom to trust with their assets. With Microsoft Office 365 only those who are granted access are able to view documents, keeping sensitive information safe and secure within your credit union.
  4. Reliable. When members think of their financial provider, reliability should always come to mind. Microsoft is at the top of the market with a 99.9% backup guarantee.When disaster strikes, members still expect their data to be secure, so a solid DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) should be vitally important to your credit union.

Not only will you stay afloat in the industry with the implementation of Office 365, you will thrive. More than ever it’s important to offer members access to secure and efficient solutions if you wish to compete within the ever evolving financial climate. Partner with an expert like Altigen and experience no downtime through your deployment process.