hosted voip phonesWhen voice over IP was introduced on the market, there were a number of factors that prohibited adoption. The cost savings were no doubt sexy, as long distance calling rates soared for many companies. But the poor quality of internet connections, coupled with the high price of managing an in-house VoIP system and replacing existing phones with VoIP capable phones, created a barrier for entry for many. Times have changed, lit buildings with reliable and fast internet connections abound, and the ability to host a PBX in the cloud has eliminated the extraordinary CAPEX requirements of VoIP installs. But all phones don’t work in a VoIP environment. Ensuring your phones are equipped for VoIP calls is a key first step, and if they are not, will need to be factored into your start-up costs. Or do they?

“As-a-Service” solutions may seem like a new marketing cliche, just as every tech start up in the 90’s fell head-over-heels in love with the word “synergy.” But terminology and perceived over-use aside, Device as a Service (DaaS) has enabled companies to adopt new technologies without fighting the uphill battle for capital expenditure dollars. Phones are no exception, as providers are now offering Hosted VoIP phones in their solution, including the phone in the monthly per seat subscription fee.

A Hosted PBX Service by its very nature leaves the work of implementation and management to your preferred VoIP provider. This option saves you from having to purchase and manage your own PBX system, so it only makes sense that including phones into the equation removes more barriers to entry. A monthly fee is paid for each phone used and companies choose the length of their service, no longer having to be concerned about paying for too many phones only to find them stored in a closet when their number of employees fluctuates or you have adopted a more mobile/remote workforce.

As we add technology and more features to our every day devices, it is the unfortunate truth that more things can go wrong. In a DaaS model, hardware is refreshed as necessary, resulting in less waste, as well as less workplace disruption. When paying a monthly fee per person for a Hosted PBX that comes with a phone, you carry much less risk when it comes to repair costs, and only consuming what you need. This not only helps the ongoing operational efficiency, but could be just the service model your company needs to update aging phone systems without extreme capital expenditures.

Learn more about AltiGen’s MaxCloud service which includes Polycom phones as part of the monthly subscription rates.

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