Skype for BusinessIf you watched the Olympics, no doubt you saw the commercial with Christoph Waltz, discussing “busy, busy, busy” Americans using their mobile phones to multi-task everything (you can view the commercial here). The image of Waltz in dreads as he checks email on vacation, or as a mother soothing her baby while surfing the web on her phone and exercising, strikes close to home to this blog writer for Unified Communications. Last week we discussed how Unified Communications has changed the face of the mobile worker. Whether you are a road warrior, or simply have the ability to work from home either occasionally or on a consistent basis, UCaaS provides access to the same data and communications you can get from your office location. But because we are like Christoph as busy Americans, and like to work no matter where we are, our mobile phones also benefit from UC. Mobile apps enable us to send and receive email from our phones, and thanks to advanced call routing and IP PBX capabilities, we can make or take calls without revealing our private cell phone numbers. And while text messaging works for personal use, instant messaging, such as that found in Skype for Business, have mobile clients to be able to extend your application to your phone, no matter where you are.

Skype for Business’s mobile app runs on three mobile platforms: Windows Phone, iOS for iPhone and iPad, and Android. It is a free download. Once you login with your Skype account, all your contacts are available and displaying. Once installed, you can send and receive free Skype-to-Skype voice calls and instant messages just as you do on your computer, while video calling and other additional features are also supported on some devices.

Microsoft addresses the bandwidth question they are often asked, especially by people who have limited data plans. “Skype’s technology keeps bandwidth usage to an absolute minimum, and you can view bandwidth details here. Skype runs on WiFi, 3G, and 4G, and in general, audio calls should be possible with most Internet connections.”

Using Skype for Business has allowed businesses to collaborate with clients all over the world quickly and effectively.  And with the mobile client, the collaboration doesn’t have to stop when you leave your PC.

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