No one ever wants to imagine the worst case scenario for your business, but in the real world you need to not only imagine it, but plan and be prepared for any disaster recovery situation that might arise. Do you have a plan in place in the event your business communications fail? In particular, if your phone lines fail?  Small businesses, even more so than the big corporations, need to take this planning seriously, as they often do not have the luxury of multiple internet networks to fall back on or another location to which they can reroute calls. Any downtime can be felt directly in the bottom line and have a bigger impact on business success.

A SIP Trunk combines can deliver telephone services and unified communications to your company and connect you to your customers in the even your PSTN phone lines fail, or vice versa. Whatever you use for your primary connection, your phone system is what drives your company’s business, and you can’t afford to have any outages. If it should shut down, you want to be able to avert disaster and have a support team in place that can minimize downtime and provide a seamless solution and resolution to the issue.

SIP Trunking

As a primary connection, SIP is growing in popularity – According to statistics, in 2017, 13 percent of firms used SIP for 100 percent of their WAN traffic. By 2018, 42 percent of firms will send 100 percent of their traffic over SIP trunks. With up to 70 percent cost savings at stake, small and medium businesses are taking a serious look at SIP as their primary connection.

For those not ready to use SIP as their primary calling line, SIP trunking is ideal for Disaster Recovery when phone lines fail. Unplanned outages and downtime can occur for any number of reasons.  Weather related natural disasters, service interruptions, such as a power outages or provider issues, or possibly systemic failures due to hardware or software issues.

Altigen SIP Trunk service is the ultimate in disaster recovery preparedness… powered by a geo-redundant architecture with three different points of presence (PoPs) to ensure uptime and service availability.  It provides you with peace of mind when disaster strikes, minimizing disruptions that could negatively impact your business.

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