Hosted Service

Credit unions and members go hand in hand. Member experience and communication solutions, again, go hand in hand. One cannot exist without the other, and more importantly one cannot succeed without the other. If members had the chance to rate your credit union’s call center, would you be timid to hear their insights? If you’re holding onto an outdated system, whether in house or a hosted service, it’s time to think about the members, because we know their happiness is what matters most.

What do members expect from their credit union’s call center, and how can you determine if your call center is lacking?

  • Are members bounced around between departments before finally getting in contact with the person they were initally trying to reach?
  • Are members met with too many rings when they place a call to your credit union?
  • Are members put through to employees who are unprepared to answer questions or provide immediate solutions?

Member expereince will improve the moment they’re quickly and accurately put in contact with an MSR who is prompt and prepared to provide a solution. Sometimes replacing your phone system is inevitable, and choosing a “Cloud” based or “Hosted” service is one decision you will face early on in the process.

A well implemented hosted service can provide dividends for years to come.  By choosing a “Cloud” based or “Hosted” service, you can significantly reduce the upfront investment and ongoing cost of maintenance for your phone system. Afterall, you are a credit union, not a communication solution provider.  It’s also an opportunity to affordably add key functionality to better serve your members. When choosing a communication provider, be sure to consider their experience, security, desgin, functionality, affordability, disaster recovery and integration. AltiGen is a service provider who excels in all these arenas and is the solution your credit union can grow with.