Often stereotyped as the biggest talkers in many organizations, it is amazing how sales people are often simultaneously labeled as the worst communicators, mainly because they are not sitting at their desks or engaging in workplace chatter.  They are the road warriors, traveling by car or plane to customer and prospect locations. And it’s not just sales people, but engineers, installers, support reps, etc. that sit at customer sites.The work they are doing is crucial to the survival of the business, and they often hear the most important information from customers and prospects, or need to be accessible at all times no matter their location.  Herein lies one of the most common benefits of Unified Communications from a return on investment perspective.

Forrester conducted a study, commissioned by Microsoft, on the ROI of Office 365 and its suite of communication tools, such as IM and Skype for Business.  From interviews with three existing customers, online survey responses from 60 organizations, and subsequent financial analysis, they quantified the typical benefits of moving to the cloud for Unified Communications through Office 365 for an organization. The survey found that the highly mobile “road warrior” employee can save 1 hour per day with Office 365 by year 3 of use.  They save a lot of time from not having to use VPNs to access systems and having better collaboration tools with Skype for Business, and easier more extensive access to information.

This increased productivity grows from a quarter hour per day in year 1 up to 1 hour per day in year 3 as more Office 365 solutions are rolled out and as the users become more comfortable using them. 

How many more sales would your sales people make with an extra 260 hours a year?  How much more efficient and productive would your on site engineers be with an extra 260 hours of billable time? 

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