member satisfaction

AltiGen’s Mike Plumer, Vice President of Sales, was featured in CUInsight this month for his article, Member Satisfaction: Inspect What You Expect. The article is below and is geared towards CU executives looking to improve member experience by measuring member satisfaction:

In the manufacturing world, “inspecting what you expect” has been the long-accepted model of ensuring quality.  When a car maker ignores this principle, the impact is often devastating and can result in accidents, lawsuits and permanent damage to a company’s reputation.   Just as we wouldn’t want to drive down the highway in a new car that begins falling apart, most members wouldn’t choose to stay with a credit union that doesn’t measure, or thoroughly inspect, member satisfaction.

The Challenge

How can you track the results of an intangible subject like member satisfaction?  Is it an annual survey you pray comes back positive? Is it how many complaints the board or senior management receives?  The accurate measure, in a perfect world, is having insight into conversations with members and how they feel afterwards.  When a member visits a branch in person, they are more likely to voice their dissatisfaction with an issue or employee.  A bigger challenge is where you engage members most – over the phone.

Even if you sometimes monitor conversations with members, it can be difficult to objectively track results over time.  Ideally the process should be formal and consistent so employees are measured equally, and management has confidence in the data.

The Tools

To accomplish a formal and consistent process, it means:

  1. Automatically recording and archiving calls with members (Call Recording)
  2. Evaluating those recordings in a structured way (Quality Management)
  3. Offering a satisfaction survey at the call’s end. (Post Call Survey)

Implementing a Post Call Survey, Call Recording and Quality Management solution has historically been complex and expensive.  Thankfully, the technology has evolved and is now available as software that can be implemented on-premises or through a secure, hosted service.

The Results

When calls are automatically recorded, there is zero doubt as to what’s been said.  Formally evaluating and reporting on those recordings provides measurable insight into how an individual employee or department is performing over time.  Employees with consistently high scores can be rewarded and held up as positive examples of how to work with members.  Challenged employees have an opportunity to show improvement, or at a minimum, understand they’re being evaluated under the same criteria as their peers.

Finally, adding the option to take a survey at the end of the call accomplishes three things:

  1. It adds to your checks and balances for not only member satisfaction, but to evaluate employee performance.
  2. It provides immediate feedback that should trigger immediate action, so you can address the problem before it becomes a bigger issue.
  3. It acts as an early alert system that allows you to contact members that didn’t have a good experience.

When evaluations and surveys are automatically summarized for management, you maintain a reliable view of member satisfaction.  By “inspecting what you expect”, your credit union will continue to provide a great experience for your members.
Learn more about AltiGen’s Quality Management and Post Call Survey, specifically designed to deliver credit unions a cost-effective way to efficiently measure and ensure member satisfaction, by contacting us.