Diversified call pathsSIP trunking continues to be an appealing option for businesses who are looking to reduce costs and protect their data. Even if you’re under a contract with a PSTN provider, SIP trunking can be combined with your solution to ensure maximum efficiency and security as failover. By diversifying your call paths with SIP trunking, you’ll tap into these 5 benefits:

1. Low Cost – SIP trunking drastically reduces the costs of making calls.  Many businesses have been able to reduce their phone bills by 25% or more in an all out implementation. SIP trunking reduces costs further by eliminating the need for separate voice and data connections by integrating both voice and data together.  When used as failover, it is a good idea to seek out a provider that includes minutes in your monthly plan so that you aren’t hit with surprise fees when the service is put to use. At Altigen we offer a low cost SIP trunking plan that includes 1000 minutes so you never worry about surprise costs when you put your failover path to use.

2. Backup – SIP trunking solutions can be utilized as a cost-effective backup plan to your already existing PSTN lines in the event of a PSTN outage or if it maxes out capacity. This solution is appealing to businesses who may already have a contract with a PSTN provider but are looking for additional security and recovery plans. Why not have an additional backup plan and diversify your call path?

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3. Rapid ROI – SIP trunking can generate a sizable and timely ROI. With little to no CapEx requirements, your business will see an immediate return on investment because SIP trunks can be plugged directly into your existing IP-PBX.

4. Seamless Installation – Instead of waiting for weeks or months to add a traditional PSTN line or trunk, SIP trunks can be added in a matter of hours, giving businesses the ability to quickly and cost-effectively add capacity as they need it.

5. Next Stop, UC – SIP Trunking is often viewed as a stepping stone to unified communications, allowing businesses to get comfortable with voice and data convergence.  After employees are training and comfortable, companies are able to expand their horizons by implementing a UC solution that incorporates Skype for Business, with IM, presence, web meetings and more.

While a complete transition to SIP trunking would move you away from costly PSTN contracts, don’t say no to SIP if you’re already in a contract. SIP trunking can be utilized as your main line or bundled with your PSTN line and used as backup. Either option provides a solution with diversified call paths and ensures communication to be completed effortlessly.