disaster recoveryThink back to your school days, when power outages or system failures meant freedom from work or sometimes even early release. The liberation you felt as a young school kid is polar opposite to the feeling you’ll have if your company experiences system failure. No one will be shouting cheers of joy if their progress on a client project is lost or they can’t access the network when they’re up against a strict timeline. So while it’s ok to feel nostalgia for our school days, it’s not ok to leave your system unprotected or to not have a disaster recovery plan in place.

  • Is your phone system backed nightly?
  • Do you have any type of redundancy (power, internet, PSTN) for your phone system?
  • Can your phone system be repaired or restored?
  • Do you have a recovery plan in place today?

If you cringed at any of these questions, I assume your business could be at risk in the event of a natural disaster, service interruptions or system failure (DoS attack, hardware, software). You may be thinking: What is a couple hours going to do to my business? It can’t be that harmful, right? Wrong. Your business will be impacted whether your phone system is down for minutes or days… and not positively.

Imagine a typical day in the office, where communication is at the core of the majority of your business operations. Your sales team will be disrupted from making calls and closing deals which will lead to a loss of revenue ($100 to $1000s per hour/per day). And most sales people aren’t too patient or understanding when their commission is being directly affected. Customers will become dissatisfied if they’re unable to reach support and your reputation can be affected even if it’s only thirty minutes of system failure.

Like school children, power outages or system failures will effect employee productivity. Employees sitting idle not able to make calls or receive calls will reduce progress and not to mention how difficult it is to get back in the groove once the system is restored after hours of downtime in a dark office. Lastly, you must consider the expenses it will take in order to replace the failed system. Your business could be looking at thousands of dollars for phone system replacement, plus one to two weeks to procure, deploy and train users on the new system.

Having a disaster recovery plan in place is the only way to protect ROI, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and expensive replacement costs. AltiGen’s MAXDR is a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that acts as an affordable insurance policy for your business’s phone system. MAXDR is fault tolerant and includes a fully redundant data center that offers internet, power and SIP trunk resiliency. AltiGen’s solution offers rapid recovery and mitigating downtime to clients who experience phone system failure. This solution also eliminates the need to purchase hardware or software because the solution is offered as a fully-managed, cloud-based system.

If you’re looking for a service that includes everything from initial setup to backup, AltiGen’s MAXDR is the disaster recovery plan for your business.