disaster recovery

After a season filled with record breaking disasters across the globe it only seems fitting to discuss disaster recovery plans. From forest fires to level five hurricanes, people in many places have been evacuated from their homes and daily lives. When is normalcy regained after disasters such as these? When do people get back to work or fall back into their old routines? Getting back to work, or having the ability to work, is often times a comfort for people who are trying to recover their lives. Having a plan in place for your business can answer some of these questions in times of natural chaos.

Everything from power outages to mandatory evacuations can happen during disaster season and while some companies are quick to worry about data loss, don’t forget about the effects of communication loss as well. No matter where you are on the globe, your company could experience fallout from natural disasters. Whether it be phone lines down or total system failure, it’s essential to the success of your business to have a plan in place for recovery. Here are a few ways Altigen solutions provide a full communication solution that is dissater proof.


Having a disaster recovery plan in place is the only way to protect ROI, customer satisfaction, employee productivity and expensive replacement costs. AltiGen’s MAXDR is a cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution that acts as an affordable insurance policy for your business’s phone system. MAXDR is fault tolerant and includes a fully redundant data center that offers internet, power and SIP trunk resiliency. AltiGen’s solution offers rapid recovery and mitigating downtime to clients who experience phone system failure. This solution also eliminates the need to purchase hardware or software because the solution is offered as a fully-managed, cloud-based system.

SIP Trunking

A SIP Trunking solution is low cost and allows you to have a separate Voice over IP Solution that can be used in the case of an outage. Implementing a SIP Trunking solution diversifies your call paths and is ideal for redundancy. For example, if phone lines are down but the internet is up, or vice versa, you can still communicate normally because of SIP. Additionally, SIP gives you the ability to transfer calls to geographically dispersed call centers your business may operate.

Hosted Skype for Business

Especially in extreme times, when evacuation is mandatory or your building is unaccessible, hosted Skype for business is the solution to have in place, allowing for an easy transition to remote working. Hosted Skype for business allows employees to work from anywhere in the world, in real time. Collaboration, web meetings, communication via IM, and more is all available so long as the employee has access to an internet connection, or even via their mobile phones. So whether a natural disaster relocates employees for a couple days or months there is a plan put in place for progress to still be made on projects or leads.

It’s important to think about disaster before it comes barrelling through the door, unannounced. Don’t let a natural disaster take your business out of the game for minutes, days or weeks and implement a disaster recovery solution that accounts for all scenarios. Protect your ROI, customer satisfaction and employee productivity by calling altigen today.