Live chat can do much more than improve your customer service process. In addition to helping customers through their questions and concerns, it can build a list of qualified leads. Users of live chat have already been browsing your website, and were interested enough in the product or service offerings to contact your business. Even if they don’t make a purchase after connecting with your business, they might in the future. When the chat session is initiated, you can collect those emails, and compile them into a list of leads to follow up with at a later date. This list of qualified leads makes it much easier for your business to close sales and increase profit margins.

After the session has ended, customers have the option to review their experience. This feedback is not only beneficial to your business, but to the customer as well. Knowing their opinions are valued and heard contributes to a good customer experience, and thus makes them more likely to return to your business.

Live chat enhances the user experience by giving them an additional point of contact with your business. This means there are more opportunities to make meaningful connections, which will further promote your brand perception and awareness. Just as dissatisfied customers are likely to share a negative experience, happy customers are equally as likely to do the same if they feel your business has gone above and beyond to accommodate their needs. With live chat, it’s easier to get positive outcome because the process can be streamlined better than other points of contact. Furthermore, employees are more easily trained via chat because their conversations can be monitored and they have more resources available to answer client questions than a simple verbal explanation a customer might get over the phone. All of the factors come together to create a consistent customer experience. Over time, this creates a positive brand perception and greater awareness. Thus, helping your business generate even more business and expand the reach of your market.

Despite the impressive range of benefits, many businesses have yet to embrace live chat. According to a study by Zendesk, 92% customers feel satisfied when they use the live chat feature, so if your business is looking for a competitive advantage in sales, customer service, brand awareness and brand perception all while increasing your ROI, then look no further.

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