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SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2017 / AltiGen Communications (ATGN), a leading Microsoft Cloud Solutions provider of fully managed Unified Communications services, announces that its MaxCS Softswitch IP-PBX, and Contact Center solution has been successfully deployed on-premises at Digistream Investigations, a California based surveillance company. The solution was positioned and ultimately sold to Digistream via Altigen partner, Oakland, California-based Capture Technologies.

Daniel Ronald, Senior System Administrator for Digistream, identified three main reasons for making the switch to AltiGen, saying, “Price, voice quality, and the ability to easily manage the system made our decision to switch to AltiGen easy. Our previous service was extremely difficult to manage, and the voice quality was subpar. With AltiGen, we are experiencing drastically improved voice quality, and the user interface is awesome. The cost savings of roughly 80% from our previous solution was surely icing on the cake!”

The AltiGen MaxCS Softswitch was installed across Digistream’s 8 branch offices. Using AltiGen’s non-proprietary solution allowed Digistream to deploy on their virtual environment at their datacenter. The whole projected was seamless to the end users, and took less than 2 months to deploy, start to finish.

“The implementation process, managed by Capture Technologies, was smooth, with lots of videos and documentation provided to assist the transition,” continues Ronald. “And because of the significant cost savings, we are projected to recover our implementation costs in less than 12 months.”

Ronald is no stranger to AltiGen solutions. He worked with the AltiGen team at his previous employer and was excited to introduce the benefits and cost savings to Digistream. “I have seen AltiGen step up to the plate and make the necessary changes to stay competitive and relevant in the industry. The support and honesty in all communications with Capture Technologies made the deployment enjoyable and reinforced the great partner program that AltiGen has developed.”

As communications experts, AltiGen provides key support, quick responses and extensive knowledge that helped Capture Technologies smoothly transition Digistream. John Babin, President of Capture Technologies, seconded Ronald’s view saying, “AltiGen’s support and knowledge are why we are proud to have a longstanding relationship as part of AltiGen’s Partner Program, and can confidently recommend their communication solutions to our clients.”

“AltiGen is thrilled to continue and expand our relationship with Capture Technologies through the deployment at Digistream,” quoted Mike Plumer, Vice President of Sales for AlitGen Communications. “They saw the need for an easy to manage and cost-effective solution that would offer the superior voice quality they were lacking. We are looking forward to continuing to meet and exceed their expectations.”

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