cloud hosted IP PBXMoving your telecommunications systems to the cloud is a trend that no longer asks the question of “if” but “when.” A Cloud Hosted IP PBX is becoming an inevitable move for many companies. Either your phone system is outdated, needs replacement, or is no longer cost effective. You know the cloud is here to stay… it is practically guaranteed a cloud offering of some form or another is waiting on your voicemail at least once a week. So what’s keeping you from the cloud to replace that archaic and costly PBX? Here are 3 considerations everyone faces when looking to host their phone system in the cloud.

1) Will I Have to Get New Phones? It’s known by now that moving to the cloud will save you money, but upgrading phones is typically the most expensive component of the process. Many providers are starting to charge for phones on a monthly, subscription basis, or even including them as a part of their service, eliminating the huge capital expenditure. This also ensures you only are paying for the phones you need as your employment levels rise or fall.

2) How Will Voice Quality be Impacted? When making upgrades to your system, the last thing you want is quality to be impacted. Choose a provider who can offer you not only the same quality… but better. An experienced provider will be able to provide exceptional quality while adding new levels of functionality. Consider a private cloud solution, or virtual dedicated IP PBX, which guarantees the cost savings of the cloud, but you are running on a private PBX to your company, not risking quality concerns with over subscriptions.

3) How Disruptive Will the Transition be to My System? When faced with the cloud decision, you may be found questioning how disruptive moving to the cloud wil be to your system and day to day operations. Any transition requires time and training. For example, in a highly relatable scenario, when previous Android users become iPhone users, there is a period of learning in how to adjust to the new interface! Much the same, when implementing a new system within the cloud, how much productivity will be lost from training your employees? Will each employee need training? Will the entire IT department?

The most important consideration you can make when deciding to move to the cloud is to partner with an expert in the industry who will make your transition as seamless as possible. If you are an existing Altigen MaxCS client, the Altigen IP PBX Solution provides your team with the upgrades you desire, while keeping features the same and consistent for your end users. You’ll benefit from the cost savings and updated features while minimizing valuable time it would’ve taken to train employees on the new system. Altigen, additionally, offers the benefit of a private cloud, ensuring that voice quality isn’t impacted with the added benefit of a higher level of security.

While some of the offers waiting on your voicemail promise to save you money, be sure to make further considerations than the bottom line. Partnering with a provider like Altigen is a solution that allows you to maintain voice quality and slashes hours worth of training time, not to mention substantial cost benefits, in your move to embracing the cloud!