Altigen Partner Programs

Altigen Partner Programs Overview

As the market demand for Office 365 and Skype for Business continues to accelerate, companies are increasingly looking for a single vendor to deliver a complete solution able to fully leverage the capabilities of both Office 365 and Skype for Business.  Just as importantly, many of these companies want Cloud-based solutions in order to eliminate CapEx requirements and reduce their management and support overhead.

Our Partner Programs are designed to address these critical business requirements while enabling Microsoft Partners to extend your O365 and Skype for Business practices with our unique combination of integrated Unified Communications solution.

Whether your business is geared toward delivering systems integration services, cloud solutions or both, our Partner Programs allow you to choose the program best suited for your business requirements. Our Cloud solutions will help you differentiate your company from the competition while creating “sticky” solutions for your customers.

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Skype for Business Systems Integrators

  • Give your customers the option to deploy Skype for Business in the Cloud
  • Offer MaxACD Cloud to your premises Skype for Business customers – no need to be a Contact Center expert!
  • Build new revenue streams with our managed cloud offerings

Hosted Skype for Business Providers

  • Deploy MaxACD in your Cloud, integrated with Skype for Business
  • Gain access to new customer opportunities
  • Drive new recurring revenue streams with Altigen’s Cloud solutions

Office 365 Cloud Solutions Providers

  • Offer Altigen’s Hosted Skype for Business as the Office 365 Enterprise Cloud PBX
  • Drive new and additional sales of Office 365, and solidify your status as Partner of Record
  • Increase your recurring revenues with Altigen’s managed cloud solution

Managed Service Providers

  • White label Altigen’s Hosted Skype for Business
  • Drive new revenue streams with the world’s leading Unified Communications solution
  • Add value to your customers without having to become Skype for Business experts!

Partner Program Benefits include:

  • Solid upfront or recurring margin opportunities
  • Sales and technical training on Altigen solutions
  • Access to Altigen’s online Partner Resource Center
  • Dedicated Altigen partner sales manager
  • Presales technical and sales support
  • Cloud UC solutions for in-house and demo use
  • Altigen technical support

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