Receive, Log and Track Customer Interactions

Take Control of the Customer Experience with a 360° View within Microsoft Teams

Stay in the flow

Manage omni-channel customer interactions without switching applications, natively in Microsoft Teams.

Receive, log & track customer interactions

Improve customer engagement and productivity by bringing omni-channel customer communications into a single Microsoft Teams interface.

Collaborate on a new level

Sign in and out of workgroups, manage workgroup voicemails and more!

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CoreEngage Overview

CoreEngage provides end users with views, capabilities, screens and information about incoming calls, SMS messages, emails and other omni-channel interactions delivered in a SaaS model.

For users assigned to multiple workgroups/queues that may need to move between workgroups/queues, CoreEngage provides a way to indicate availability to take customer communications in selected workgroups/queues. This adds simplicity by using the same screen to accept (or reject) interactions.

Receive Customer Interactions in Teams

Bring omni-channel customer communications directly into Microsoft Teams with CoreEngage.

Set Status and Sign In/Out of Workgroups

Quickly sign into assigned workgroups to assist or receive omni-channel interactions.

View WorkGroup Member Status

Keep track of your workgroups and team members to ensure the customer experience is always optimal.

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