Clobba Call Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting for Microsoft Teams and Teams Phone System

Real-time and historical reporting on call volumes, call quality Teams user adoption, and employee productivity

Manage Employee Productivity

Verify that your workforce, regardless of location, is working efficiently and productively

Maintain Business Continuity

Ensure that SLA’s and customer satisfaction levels are achieved for your entire workforce.

Monitor Voice & Video Call Quality

Easily monitor call quality to maintain the highest levels of service delivery.

Clobba Overview

Deployed in Azure and delivered as a managed service, Clobba delivers valuable business and technical insights into trends of user adoption, call quality, employee productivity, call costs, and much more. The information is presented via daily reports, real-time dashboards, and trend monitors, all of which can be customized to your organization’s unique reporting requirements.

Clobba Dashboard

The daily dashboard report provides a configurable snapshot of Call Volume and Productivity statistics by User, including; Call Details and Statistics, Inbound and Outbound Call Activity, Call Quality Summary, Answered Calls, Unanswered Calls, and Call Duration.

Trend Analytics

Trend Analytics provides insights into organization-wide usage, based on a user-defined time period for each of the following applications; Voice, Video, Application Sharing, Instant Messaging, and File Transfer.

User Adoption Report

Maximize your investment in Teams by identifying employee adoption across a number of important categories, including; total and average usage by application, number of active users by application, overall Teams application adoption.

Quality Index

A powerful report enabling system manager to set call and video performance thresholds for 16 key quality metrics, then measures and scores the quality of each call or video session. Sorting by user, date, and quality enables issues and trends to easily by identified for corrective action.

Standard and Custom Reports

Clobba includes a dozen standard reports covering all aspects of Teams usage. The reports can be customized to your specifications, exported to Excel or PDF, and scheduled for distribution. Clobba also includes a robust report writer enabling users to create their own custom reports from any data collected by Clobba.

ClobbaMT Feature Highlights

ClobbaMT reports on Microsoft Teams user activity, user adoption, and overall Teams application usage. All of this information can be used to highlight any areas of low adoption leading to further education or training.


The overview shows total user activity – Calls, Messages, and Chats – across the entire organization. The lower chart displays the number of Users, Messages Channels, and Files associated with each Team. Click on a Team name to drill down to the Teams Usage Details page.

Teams Usage Details

Shows all channels for the selected Teams along with the number of Messages, Attachments, and Users. The activity for each Team member and the last time they were active in the Team is also displayed. The bottom summary chart shows total activity in the Team since creation, highlighting if a Team is still active or can be deleted.

Teams User Activity

Displays a summary view of activity for the defined date range(7, 30, 90, or 180 days). User details include User Name, Last Activity Date, and the user’s number of Calls, Meetings, Chat Messages for the defined period. Click on a User to drill down to the Teams User Details page.

Teams User Details

The User Details report provides an overview of daily employee general activity, including; Volume of Calls, Meetings, and Chat Messages. Device and One Drive Usage. Teams channels joined by employees, and licenses allocated and in use.

Key Benefits of Clobba for Teams Phone Systems

Improved Supervision

Clobba’s activity reporting provides actionable insights into your remote employees’ workdays.

Increased Visibility

Daily Teams usage reports help managers assess remote employee performance.

Improved User Experience

Quickly determine the root cause of voice and video quality issues to keep your employees up and running.

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