Support Terms of Service

Last Updated: June 2021; Effective Date: June 23, 2021

 Support Terms of Service Agreement

The following terms and conditions shall govern the provision of Support Services for the licensed Cloud Services:


1.1 Support Contact.  Customer must designate at least 1 (one) individual (“Support Contact”) trained in operation of the licensed Cloud Services, who is responsible for all Incident Reporting.

1.2 Support ID.  Altigen will assign a unique support identification number (“Support ID”) to the Support Contact, which must be provided to Altigen in order to access Altigen Support Services and open Trouble Tickets.

1.3 Technical Requirements.  The Support Contact shall be qualified to assist in the troubleshooting of issues, recreating reported issues and applying any fixes or patches as supplied by Altigen.


2.1 Services Provided.  Altigen Technical Support will respond to, monitor, and update Trouble Tickets submitted by Customer, provide current configuration and CDR information, troubleshoot reported incidents, provide fixes or workarounds where applicable, and escalate incidents which are unable to be resolved to Altigen Engineering, as appropriate.


3.1 Services Provided.  In addition to the Standard Support Services listed in Section 2.1, Premier Customer Support Services may be purchased from Altigen, which include:

  1. Moves, Adds and Changes for Teams users
  2. Modification of current Teams Auto Attendant and Calls Queues*
  3. Access to Altigen’s Microsoft Video Training portal
  4. As required, opening and tracking trouble tickets with Microsoft

3.2 *The development of new or additional Auto Attendants and Call Queues are priced separately


4.1Support Services do not include support for incidents caused by Customer or a 3rd party acting on its behalf:

  1. Negligent, willful or intentional acts;
  2. Changes made that directly or indirectly cause a failure or malfunction in the Software or Service;
  3. Accident, casualty, neglect, misuse or other than normal business use;
  4. A failure or malfunction, including without limitation, Customer’s network, hardware devices, software or Internet connections which adversely affect the Software or Services;
  5. Failure of Customer to fully perform its responsibilities under this Agreement.

5. SEVERITY LEVELS. Incident Severity Levels, Descriptions and Response Times are defined in the table below:

Severity Level Incident Description Incident Response Time
3 An incident in which the Software is not functioning in accordance with the published documentation, which does not have a critical impact on the Services delivered. Within one (1) business day
2 An incident resulting in an error or exception condition impacting administration or user functions, which does not have a critical impact on the Services delivered. Within four (4) business hours
1 An incident which has prevented the operation of critical documented operations or functions of the Software, generally defined as a system-wide outage. Within one (1) business hour

6. SUPPORT HOURS. Altigen shall provide Support Services during the following hours of operation (Support ID required)

Hours Dates and Times Services Provided
Business Hours 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time; Monday to Friday, excludes Holidays Severity 1,2, and 3 Incidents
After Hours 5:00 PM to 5:00 AM Pacific Time; 365 Days per Year Severity 1 Incidents Only