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“MaxCS really is the ideal hosted communications solution.”

Tom Welsh, Managing Director

A leading provider of value-added communications and IT network solutions for business

ATS was founded in 1993 on the principle that, “Extraordinary service emanates from anticipating the needs of customers and providing solutions before they are required.” As one of the oldest and most experienced technology consulting firms in Central New Jersey, ATS has assisted hundreds of small to medium-sized businesses in achieving optimal communications and network performance. With advanced expertise in computer networks, telephone networks, security and hosting – ATS offers a breadth of knowledge for their customers’ business technology needs.

MaxCS: A complete hosted IP PBX Solution

ATS is a long time certified partner for both AltiGen and Microsoft. As such ATS possesses the resources, experience and expertise to deliver IT solutions and strategies that ensure efficient business communications, network reliability and security for their clients.

With hundreds of premise-based customers using the MaxCS system, ATS’ decision to offer hosted VoIP AltiGen’s hosted version of MaxCS was the obvious choice. “We’ve had great success with the MaxCS system over the years,” said Tom Welsh, Managing Director of ATS. “The completeness and reliability of the system combined with the ease of system administration already made MaxCS the best IP PBX on the market. The new all software release, which we deploy on standard Intel servers running under VMware or Hyper-V now enables us to deliver a complete, integrated hosted IP PBX for our customers.”

IP PBX + VoIP Service + SaaS Licensing = Profitability

In addition to delivering MaxCS as a hosted IP PBX, ATS also offers their customers cost effective VoIP service. MaxCS supports a wide variety of SIP trunk service providers, allowing ATS to offer their customers the most cost effective communications service. Moreover, MaxCS is offered by AltiGen on a monthly SaaS licensing basis. This model requires minimal upfront investment and ensures that MaxCS service providers only pay for their actual customer usage each month.

According to Tom Welsh, “The combination of hosted MaxCS, AltiGen’s monthly SaaS licensing, and our choice of SIP service providers enables ATS to deliver a complete enterprise class hosted IP PBX at highly competitive price points. With this solution we’ve been able to significantly grow our business and boost our margins as a result of the increasing recurring revenue stream.”

A Truly Differentiated Solution

There are quite a number of hosted IP PBX service providers in the market today. MaxCS is a unique solution in that it is deployed on a single virtual machine for each customer – allowing each customer to control their system while maintaining secure access. Nearly all of other hosted IP PBX services are multi-tenant offerings, requiring customers to “share” the hosted PBX with many other customers around the country and in some cases around the world.

“For ATS, MaxCS provides the best of both worlds”, said Tom Welsh. “First it meets all of our customers’ requirements with its integrated IP PBX and call center capabilities. Perhaps more importantly the ability to deploy a single instance of MaxCS per customer, running under VMware or Hyper-V, allows us to deliver a customizable, secure solution for our customers. MaxCS really is the ideal hosted communications solution.”