MaxACD Contact Center

for Phone System, Teams and Skype for Business

MaxACD Contact Center

Designed for the demanding requirements of corporate contact centers, MaxACD delivers an integrated suite of multi-channel contact center applications which help our customers to maximize their customer service capabilities while increasing agent productivity.

Integrated with Skype for Business, Phone System and Teams MaxACD enables you to route customers to the best available resource, monitor and manage your customer interactions, and report on agent and workgroup performance to ensure service levels are met.

The MaxACD application suite includes:

  • Automated data directed call and IM routing
  • Skills-based, multi-channel routing and queuing
  • Agent and supervisor desktop apps
  • Server-based call recording
  • Real-time and historical reporting

Enterprise Contact Centers

For formal external facing contact centers, MaxACD delivers an integrated suite of multi-channel contact center applications, including:

  • Automated data directed call and IM routing
  • Skills-based, multi-channel routing and queuing
  • Agent and supervisor desktop apps
  • Server-based call recording
  • Real-time and historical reporting

Departmental Service Centers and Help Desks

Nearly every organization has departments and workgroups requiring some level of automated request routing, but without the complexity (and cost) of formal contact center solutions. We created MaxGroups specifically for these “informal call centers”, enabling routing, queuing and tracking of Calls/IMs at a fraction of the cost of traditional contact center solutions. MaxGroups includes:

  • Enterprise Auto Attendant
  • Workgroup Call/IM routing and queuing
  • Support for mobile agents
  • Historical reporting
  • Simple, web-based administration

Skype for Business and Office 365 Integration

MaxACD is a natively integrated Skype for Business application, certified by Microsoft, providing customers with a seamless contact center user experience.

The MaxACD integration capabilities include:

  • Deployed as a trusted application
  • Uses Microsoft’s UCMA & UCWA APIs
  • Routing rules based on Skype for Business Presence
  • MaxACD agent desktop apps integrated with SfB client
  • Leverages Skype for Business federation with O365

Your Choice of Deployment Options

MaxACD is an all software solution which runs under Hyper-V or VMware, enabling you to choose the deployment option which best suits your   business requirements:

  • Complete Managed CloudBusiness deployed in the Altigen Cloud

On Premises / Private Cloud:

  • MaxACD and Skype for MaxACD and Skype for Business deployed in your datacenter / private cloud

Hybrid Cloud:

  • MaxACD deployed the Altigen Cloud, with:
  • Skype for Business deployed in your datacenter / private cloud
  • Office 365 deployed in the Microsoft cloud

One Solution, Multiple Deployment Models
The entire MaxACD application suite, including MaxGroups, provides the same functionality regardless of deployment option.  And if your business requirements change over time, you have the option to change deployment models on demand.


As a next generation contact center solution specifically developed for Office 365 and Skype for Business, MaxACD has been designed to be comprehensive, cost effective and easy to manage.

Whether you’re looking to automate a departmental service center, internal help desk or customer facing contact center, MaxACD has an app for that – without the long deployment times and high costs associated with traditional contact center solutions.

Improved Customer Experience

Streamlining inbound call and chat requests with automated routing and queuing rules ensures that your customer requests will be routed to the right person or department, right away.

Rapid, On Demand Deployment

Our managed service cloud delivery and pricing model replaces the requirements for capital expenditures associated with deployments of on premises systems with a predictable, cost effective monthly operational expense.

Simplified Management

Delivered as a fully managed service, our Hosted Skype for Business does not require expensive on premises computer hardware, data networking and VoIP equipment, and minimizes the support burden on your IT staff.

No CapEx

Hosted Skype for Business is deployed in our secure, geo-redundant data centers, providing your organization with resilience to service disruptions and protection against business impacting events or disasters.

Our Cloud or Yours

Our Hosted Skype for Business solution delivered as a managed service eliminates the complexities of on premises deployments, while freeing your IT staff from day to day system management and administration.

MaxACD enhances and complements Skype for Business and Microsoft Office 365 with our natively integrated suite of queuing and call/chat routing applications. Our applications include: Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Automatic Call Distribution, Web Chat Queuing, Agent and Supervisor Clients, Real-time and Historical Reporting and Automated Call Recording.

All combined we deliver a complete, cost effective and easy to manage solution. The MaxACD application suite for Skype for Business may be deployed on your premises, in our managed cloud or with Office 365 Cloud PBX.

Integrated Skype for Business Contact Center Applications

Enterprise Auto Attendant

Professionally greet callers and route calls based on caller selections, digit collection, and user defined business schedules.

MaxACD Agent Desktop App

Desktop app, integrated with Skype for Business, provides complete call control while displaying queue and workgroup status as well as agent performance statistics.

Data Directed Routing

Automate routing of inbound calls and chats
based on variable data attributes.

Supervisor Desktop Client

MaxSupervisor provides a comprehensive desktop view of call queues, agents, and workgroups – with complete agent monitoring capabilities.

MaxGroups Workgroup Call Routing

Easy to manage rules-based engine to route inbound calls to workgroups, departments and service centers.

Real Time Reporting

MaxInSight enables Supervisors to monitor real time call center performance on a wall mounted display or right from their desktop PC.

MaxACD Contact Center Routing

Route and queue calls to MaxACD Skype for Business agents according to your unique business rules and customer service level requirements.

Historical Reporting

The MaxACD historical reporting module provides over 40 reports to monitor, manage and control the performance of your contact center.

MaxACD Web Chat Routing and Queueing

Automatically route website visitor chat requests to designated Skype for Business agents to engage your audience  and drive conversion opportunities.

Automated Call Recording

Centralized, rules-based call recording for agents and workgroups based on your company’s management, training and compliance requirements.

Management and Administration

Manage and monitor extensions, trunks, workgroups and system status using an intuitive Windows interface – locally or remotely.

CRM / ERP Integration

Streamline call flows and improve employee productivity with MaxACD’s seamless integration to CRM and ERP applications such as SalesForce, Dynamics, and SAP.

Data Directed Routing Engine

Data Directed Routing Engine

Route Requests based on:

  • Caller ID
  • IVR Path
  • IVR Data (digit collection)
  • Database Lookup
  • DNIS
  • SIP URI (Calls or Chats)

Route Requests to:

  • MaxGroups Workgroup
  • MaxACD Workgroup
  • IVR Menu (Calls only)

Automated Routing for Inbound:

  • Phone Calls Skype
  • Instant Messages

MaxGroups: Workgroup Call Routing

Route Calls to Available Agents*, plus a user selected routing rule:

  • First Available Agent
  • Next Available Agent
  • Longest Idle Agent
  • Ring All Agents

Reports include:

  • Agent Summary and Detail
  • Workgroup Summary and Detail

*Based on Skype for Business Presence

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