MaxCS IP PBX details

Automatic Call Distribution

Call Queuing

  • Caller “In Queue” auto attendant options
  • Queue position & wait time notification
  • Advanced queue overflow options
  • Customizable music on hold and in queue announcements

Call Routing

  • Based on Skype for Business / Lync Presence
  • Caller ID, DID and DNIS
  • Customer Priority Routing
  • Results of custom SQL queries
  • Holiday, business hours, follow-the-sun

Call Distribution Rules

  • Agent with Least Calls / Talk Time
  • Skills-Based & Presence-Based Routing
  • Longest idle Agent
  • First, Next, Last Available Agent
  • Agent with Highest Proficiency
Automatic Call Distribution


Real Time Reporting

Real Time Queue Status

  • Calls answered
  • Calls abandoned
  • Calls overflowed and redirected performance
  • Service level
  • Wait time and talk time

Real Time Agent Performance Status

  • Agent call answered rates
  • Log in/log out statistics
  • Agent workgroup performance statistics

Trend Analysis and Alerts

  • Agent specific call handling
  • Customer specific SLA performance notification
  • Emergency call handling events
Call reporting


Web Chat Queueing

Chat Routing

  • Agent skills
  • Agent availability rules
  • Skype for Business / Lync Presence


  • “Click-to-Chat” from any web page
  • Chat requests routed to available agents
  • Pre-defined and custom responses


  • Chat supervision
  • Configuration and administration
  • Agent performance statistics and reports
web chat queuing

Historical Reporting

Workgroup Reports

  • Workgroup Call Detail Report
  • Workgroup Agent(s) State
  • Workgroup Agent(s) Performance Summary
  • Workgroup Agent Call Activity Summary with % Analysis
  • Workgroup Agent Call/Time Contribution % Comparison
  • Workgroup Inbound/Outbound Call Summary with % Analysis
  • Workgroup Inbound Call Wait Time Summary
  • Workgroup Inbound Call Handling Summary
  • Workgroup Outbound Call Handling Summary
  • Workgroup Service Level Summary Report
  • Workgroup Inbound Answered Call Wait Time
  • Workgroup Inbound Abandoned Call Wait Time
  • Workgroup Inbound Overflowed/Redirected Calls Wait Time
  • Workgroup Inbound Call Handling Time
  • Workgroup Outbound Call Handling Time
  • Workgroup Inbound Call Priority
  • Workgroup Cumulative Inbound/Outbound Calls
  • Workgroup Cumulative Inbound Call Wait Time
  • Workgroup Cumulative Inbound Call Analysis
  • Cumulative Outbound Call Handling
  • Total and % Inbound Calls ANS/ABN/OFL
  • Total and % WG Inbound Calls in Queue
  • Average Call Handling Time
  • Total Outbound Calls
  • Total Outbound Call Handling Time
  • Daily Max Number of Calls in Queue
  • Daily Longest Queue Time
  • Daily Real Time Service Level
  • Historical Service Level Summary Report

Agent Reports

  • Agent Activity Event
  • Agent Call Detail Report
  • Agent Performance Summary
  • Workgroup (WG) Call and Direct Call Activity Summary Report
  • Agent State Summary Report
  • Agent WG Inbound Call Summary Report
  • Agent WG Outbound Call Summary Report
  • Agent Direct Calls Summary Report
  • Agent Call Volume Analysis
  • Agent Average WG Call Handling Time Analysis
  • Agent % Contribution to each WG (Inbound/ Outbound)
  • Agent WG Call Answering Time Distribution

DNIS Reports

  • DNIS Call Detail Report
  • DNIS Call Summary

Agent Desktop Client

Integrated with Skype for Business / Lync Client

  • Synchronized Presence
  • “On-the-fly” call routing and forwarding
  • Call transfers

Agent Performance

  • View the Workgroup/ACD queue
  • Monitor workgroup status
  • View personal performance statistics

Agent State

  • Manual – Login, Logout, Wrap up
  • Automatic – Available, Busy, …
  • Report on agent by state

Automated Call Recording

Call Recording Highlights

  • Automatic call recording to centralized network location
  • Configurable (10%-100%) call recording sampling
  • Record inbound and/or outbound workgroup calls
  • Record individual agents or workgroups

Supervisor Interface Module

  • Search and sort recorded files and records
  • Play back recorded conversations
  • Export conversations to external file storage
  • Run call recording activity reports

Administrator Management Module

  • Manage all users and recordings
  • Configure file conversion, compression and indexing
  • Storage archive management
  • Complete activity log tracking

Supervisor Desktop Client

Queue Management

  • Real time queue monitoring
  • Pick calls out of queue “on-the-fly”
  • Reroute calls to available agents
  • Force agent login and logout

Workgroup Management

  • Agent States – Real time status of any workgroup or agent
  • Agent Statistics – View all agent and workgroup call statistics
  • Group Statistics – Real time workgroup status and performance
  • Queue Status – Real time status and QOS rating for each queue

Supervisor Monitoring

  • Silent monitoring
  • Supervisor coaching (“Whisper”)
  • Barge-in
  • Record calls “On Demand”

Management and Administration

Administration Overview

  • Multi-level web-based system administration
  • Assign rights to administer agents and workgroups
  • Monitor and manage system activity

System ConfigurationAll trunk and extension features

  • Flexible configuration of inbound DID and SIP URI routing
  • Auto attendants / IVR
  • Call center workgroups & agent configurations

Real Time Display

  • Extension and trunk status
  • IP session status
  • Packets sent / received / lost
  • Workgroup activity

CRM Integration

  • Integration with to provide immediate access to customer information
  • Salesforce screen pops based on caller ID, DNIS, and caller entered digits
  • Click-to-dial directly from the Salesforce contact record