Hundreds of thousands of companies are using Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration, meetings, and conference calls. Many are now interested in utilizing Microsoft Teams Phone System. With widespread recent deployments, migrating to Teams Phone System is a natural progression. As part of the migration process, many organizations are also seeking more efficient ways to manage their customers’ experience but are finding that Teams Call Queues falls a bit short in this area.

Microsoft Teams Call Queues offers basic voice routing and queuing capabilities that, for simple requirements, are often sufficient. However, Teams Call Queues does lack the more advanced routing and queueing features many telephony administrators have become used to with their current PBX system. Furthermore, setting up and managing Microsoft’s Teams Call Queues requires a fair amount of training as well as Global Admin privileges, which even Microsoft acknowledges can become a security threat.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Altigen’s CoreInteract is designed to extend the power of Teams Phone System by giving companies the ability to route and queue not only phone calls but also other communications channels including SMS, Email, Web Chat, and social media – all natively within Teams. CoreInteract’s role-based permissions enable IT to delegate administrative functions to line of business managers to manage their own workgroups, without the need for sensitive Global Administrative rights.

For companies requiring advanced routing and queuing capabilities, CoreInteract’s visual workflow builder allows you to create and edit custom workflows and workgroups to suit virtually any business need. The simple drag and drop design enables you to build multi-level workflows, create exception based-routing rules, and perform screen pops with CRM, ERM, and HRM applications.

CoreInteract also includes real-time and historical reporting capabilities that are not available with Teams Call Queues to help departmental managers monitor and manage workgroup and individual performance.

The CoreInteract platform enables organizations to harness the power of Microsoft Teams to improve customer engagement capabilities for all customer-facing employees across all communications channels. Take your customer engagement to the next level with CoreInteract for Microsoft Teams Phone System.

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