Altigen Elevates Communication and Collaboration with New CoreInteract Release

Milpitas, CA – October 23, 2023

Altigen Communications, Inc. (OTCQB:ATGN), a leading Silicon Valley-based Microsoft Cloud Communications Solutions provider today announced a major new release of CoreInteract, the leading Enterprise Customer Engagement platform for Microsoft Teams.

According to Yesh Jagannath, Altigen’s Director of Software Engineering, “We’ve made a significant investment in this new release of CoreInteract which are all designed to enhance the value, and extend the capabilities, of Microsoft Teams Phone.  During this time we’ve also refined our agile development processes in support of our objective of continuous integration, continuous delivery model, in order to optimize software delivery throughout the software development life cycle.”

CoreInteract is a pivotal addition to Microsoft Teams Phone, streamlining and optimizing call routing and distribution for departmental workgroups and contact centers.  In addition to previously released CoreInteract applications and features the following new functionality has been added:

  • Seamless Teams Integration: The CoreInteract for Admin app is natively integrated into Microsoft Teams, making it easy for administrators to access and manage this powerful tool.
  • Scalability: CoreInteract utilizes 100% containerized application workloads, thereby enhancing infrastructure scalability.
  • Geographic Synchronization: The US and UK versions have been synchronized to ensure that all functionality is available to all users, regardless of location.

A series of valuable updates have also been added to CoreEngage, the end user application for CoreInteract, to further enhance the user experience, including:

  • ‘My Workgroups’ Widget: This feature enables users to easily view their assigned workgroups and select which ones to join for active queues.
  • ‘Calls’ Widget: Users can now access quick insights into the number of calls waiting, complete with Caller ID and queue details, ensuring a more informed response.
  • Conversation Window: This view provides detailed call information enabling users to stay informed about calls in queue or on hold.
  • Queue View: Now displays the number of calls in queue by workgroup, offering users a comprehensive overview of calls waiting in their queues.
  • Collaboration Tab: Provides users with a real-time view of workgroup members’ Teams presence and CoreEngage State, fostering collaboration and efficiency.

With this release, there are also some useful Preview Features available. These include:

  • Call Wrap-Up: Altigen introduces a new optional feature named “Call Wrap-Up.” This feature’s wrap-up timer ensures that users have the required time to complete post-call tasks before receiving another call.
  • Early Preview of ‘Callback from Queue’: Altigen offers an early preview of the ‘Callback from Queue’ feature, providing callers with the option for a callback instead of waiting in the queue. This feature is enabled on a per-workgroup basis and through CoreEngage for participating users.

These CoreInteract enhancements are a testament to Altigen’s dedication to providing innovative communication and collaboration for Microsoft Teams that empower businesses to excel in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape.

For more information on these enhancements or to explore how CoreInteract can transform your communication and collaboration processes, please contact Altigen Communications at

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Altigen Communications, Inc. (OTCQB: ATGN), headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a leading Microsoft Cloud Communication Solutions provider, delivering fully managed Customer Experience solutions based on the Microsoft platform. Altigen’s SIP trunk services, enterprise customer engagement platform, and innovative UCaaS and CCaaS solutions seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams, enhancing and extending business communications capabilities for our customers.

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