Altigen SIP Trunk Services

SmartSIP is Altigen’s carrier grade SIP trunk service, which includes state-of-the-art intelligent enterprise call routing and interconnections with global Tier 1 carriers to deliver high quality voice calls at competitive rates. By offering an end-to-end service, which includes: planning, provision, number ports, testing and ongoing support, our team of VoIP experts will help you navigate through the complexities of SmartSIP trunk service implementation to ensure rapid service delivery and minimal business disruptions.

Rapid Service Delivery 

Our online portal simplifies the process of porting your existing telephone numbers, selecting new DID and toll free numbers, and managing your monthly bill.  You will be able to turn up your SmartSIP trunk services in minutes.

Secure, Reliable VoIP Phone Service

To ensure that your SmartSIP trunks are secure, we’ve implemented TLS/SRTP to provide end-to-end encryption from your desktop phone through our SIP trunks to the PSTN.  Our service is powered by a reliable, geo-redundant architecture with multiple points of presences (PoPs) to ensure uptime and service availability.

Reduce Communications Costs

We offer two types of competitively priced plans, a per user unlimited plan as well as a usage-based calling plan. In addition, we can help you analyze your existing telecom bill to help you determine which plan is best to reduce your communications costs.

Optimized for Altigen and Microsoft UC solutions

Our SmartSIP trunk services have been thoroughly tested and optimized for both Altigen MaxCS IP PBX and contact center solutions as well as Microsoft UC solutions.


Take the ALTIGEN CLOUD VOIP READINESS TEST now to assess your bandwidth, emulate VoIP traffic and determine your network’s readiness for VoIP.