Computer Programmer


Code, test and document automation test programs to verify company’s Internet-based call center telephony data processing systems using C#, Selenium, JUNIT, conduct code review using programming languages (such as C#, JavaScript, HTML, Java, JSP, .Net windows programming & structured programming), and programming tools (such Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse). Create SQL scripts to support Quality Assurance department to construct database for various testbeds, and perform software and integration testing, and bug fix verification.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with coursework in software testing, network engineering and management, data modeling, .Net windows programming, Java and Internet applications, and structured programming.


$52,229/year to $60,000/year; 40 hours/week


San Jose, CA

Send resumes to:

AltiGen Communications, Inc. 679 River Oaks Parkway, San Jose, CA 95134