MaxACD Cloud 

MaxACD Cloud extends and enhances the capabilities of Skype for Business, with its suite of natively integrated advanced communications applications – including Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups, Multimedia Contact Center, Recording and Reporting – all delivered as a fully managed cloud service.


Advanced, Integrated Application Suite

Designed to Enhance Skype for Business enterprise-wide MaxACD can enhance or replace Response Groups, automate Help Desks and Service Centers, and serve as your Corporate Contact Center.

Rapid, On Demand Deployment

As a fully managed cloud solution MaxACD agents can quickly be added or removed “on demand” in order to address varying business conditions and seasonal business requirements.

Simplified Management

MaxACD Cloud includes roles-based web administration so system administrators, contact center managers and supervisors can easily set up and manage their respective areas of responsibility.   

No CapEx

MaxACD Cloud eliminates on premises hardware requirements and up front licensing costs, instead providing a cost effective, predictable monthly per user pricing model.

Our Cloud or Yours

The flexible design of MaxACD provides you with a choice of deploying in the AltiGen Cloud, in your private or public Cloud or in your datacenter – all delivering the same application functionality.