AltiGen’s Cloud Architecture

AltiGen’s Unified Communications Cloud solution leverages Microsoft’s highly scalable Skype for Business distributed architecture which easily scales to hundreds of thousands of users.  Our Cloud PBX and Contact Center are Skype for Business trusted applications utilizing Microsoft’s UCMA and UCWA APIs and are deployed in an N+1 high availability architecture to ensure scalability and resiliency.   The AltiGen UC Cloud is deployed in a secure, Tier 3 carrier-class data center, offering full network and power redundancy to  guaranteed reliability and uptime. 


AltiGen’s Hosted Skype for Business Architecture

AltiGen’s Hosted Skype for Business is designed to be fault-tolerant and highly scalable.  This resilient architecture employs both application and infrastructure-level redundancy to ensure no single point of failure.

Hosted Skype for Business Architecture Overview

  • Application Redundancy
  • Infrastructure Redundancy
  • Highly Scalable to 100K+ users

  • Fully Redundant Configuration
  • Fully Encrypted Communications
  • No Single Point of Failure
  • 24/7 Monitoring

  • PCI and HIPAA Compliance-Ready

  • VMware vSphere High Availability (see below)

VMware High Availability (HA) Architecture

The AltiGen Cloud leverages VMware’s state-of-the-art High Availability technology to minimize downtime and optimize performance.  In addition, it enables AltGen’s UC solutions to be deployed in an N+1 architecture, ensuring scalability an resiliency.

  • Automatic server failover to minimize downtime
  • Load distribution of resources to optimize efficiency and performance
  • N+1 redundancy across physical server clusters for scalability and resiliency